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Hot 24 Year Old Girl said:

Why must you assume that all girls in their 20s expect a guy to foot the bill for every outing? Some of us young gals work hard as well, and take pride in that. Enough with your “empowerment” nonsense…Dating a younger guy doesn’t automatically mean you’re empowered OR strong…An empowered woman doesn’t have to prove that she can woo younger men OR older men. And by the way…there’s a saying among us young folk…”just put a bag over their face.” So don’t flatter yourself so much.

luis said:

Awsome….Why do the guy wants to pay for everything? Women should take pride and pay for themselves or atleast offer a part of the bill….That is a good way on the girls side to attract the guy.


luo said:

if a 40-50 female has experience, then a 40-50 male has even more. its not true that younger men make sex better than older men. actually younger men suffer from premature ejaculation, lack experience and just release their sperm in women. older men know how to make love! that’s why younger women love them! the truth is that older women fancy boys because they are free to do what they can’t with their age mates. more over most younger men get fed up with cougars in the next 3 months of the affair.

Karen said:

He(?) makes a very good point…

Also, the little “boy toys” have the potential to run through the cougars bank account very quickly.

camille said:

ehehehehe………im a hot 47 yr old woman….and, i like dating guys within reason……5-10 yrs….and, well it is just a preference of what i like…..

im not blind enough to know the difference between sugar moma and real relationships…..

i keep it real…..and, well….there are plenty of hot 20 yr old women that have their act together….so…i say….do what makes u feel better……im lucky to have good jeans….er genes!!!!!!

Debbie said:

I’m with Camille. I’m a hot 52 year-old who is dating an active marine who is about to be 30. He pursued me for three months, not the other way around. He tells me constantly that my body is as good as any twenty year old he’s ever dated, and I am much easier on his billfold. He has no problem showing me off to his buds. It may not be the best relationship for everyone, but it works for us. He tells me all the time “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Sorry young ladies, but I’m at the prime of my life and I have no apologies.

Crys said:

Why do you assume a 40+ yr old woman is just looking for a good screw? Thank you for reducing us to nothing but a blowup doll! Just because we reach a certain age does not mean we are no longer women and no longer want to be respected and treated as such. Perhaps women are open to younger men simply because men their age are too busy chasing after young girls and simply don’t want us!

mjay said:

I love hot wet cougars who are ready to get it on! Grrrrrr!

Jenn said:

I’m 20 days away from 40. Twenty-somethings think I’m their age, just oddly intelligent. No, I don’t date them, but I sometimes prefer men in their early 30s. I have tattoos, piercings, dress in Levi’s, Chuck Taylors, T-shirts no one else has. I’ve always been on the wild and obscure side in my tastes. You try to find a man 40 to 47 who is anything like me. Oh, and by the way, I always pay for my own tab.

cynthia said:

to luo: what are you talking about? i am a 43 old awesome and gorgeous woman. its not that 40-50 yr old women have more experience than older men, its all about stamina! younger men don’t have bad backs, don’t talk about their past baggage, they have more hair. out of the men in their 20′s that i have dated, only 1 of them really were financially strapped but out of the men over 32 years old, several of them were always in financial doom. i can accept someone in their 20′s not having enough money, but men/women older than 30 not having enough money….get real. it’s also not true that younger men get fed up with “cougars” as you put it after 3 months. all of my younger friends have remained my loyal friends and often my consistent sexual partners for the last 5 years when neither of us are in a relationship. And my relationships have all been with younger men. Recently I gave a 42 yr old men a chance with me and it was a nightmare. The complaining, night after night just watching movies, periodic money problems. He started seeing someone younger and now he’s in worse financial straights so younger women can also have a motive. Older men date younger women because they are easier to manipulate and it makes the older man feel better about himself because the younger woman never realizes he ain’t as great as he seems. Especially guys in their 40′s who are desperately trying to hold on to their youth which i find quite comical. Younger men know how to make love and how to screw! They don’t wet their pants everytime they see a 21 year old girl walk by because unlike the older man, they can get 10 of those a day. By the way, the 42 year old i was seeing, i started seeing his 21 year old son and he is way better than old dad ever thought about being. We are still seeing each other and it has been 1 year and 1/2. who knows?

apb said:

Hot 24-year old girl got dumped by a Cougar. Book it.

nayeli said:

If your 40 date a 40 year old .I think it is gross for a old lady to date a young guy and how can the young boys have sex with a women that ould be there gradma .sick! cougars just get used and abused do u really think the guy loves you lol..haha please I am 24 years old and believe me they tell me it is only 4 the money and 4 them to say they fucked a 40 year old women can cougars think a guy would perfer a 40 year old then some one young and beautiful there age grow up bitches-

Sherry said:

Women in their 40s, 50s and even 60s are as good enough as those younger and far younger to them. The also have desire, lust, sexual urge, passion for sex, They are easily turned on, and quickly too, and they also give good response. Try them and find the truth. After all, old is gold, new is silver. It is similar for a younger girl, why she goes for an older man, even much older man.

wendy said:


Joshua said:

Im 42 years old dating a 49 year old and she says no one even 20 and 30 year old men have been able to do what i do Its rarely amazing I think the longest ever for me and for her! 14 hours one day and will be my personal record erupting exploding and amazing! So i think age has nothing to do with stamina at all its all about physical fitness, keep fit eat right and have passion!!!!!! so to all them dumb ass men that let themselves go, there you go your women will be looking for the youngens or exceptions like myself! LOL


tammy said:

Hmm. I partially agree with Nayeli.I am a 40 yr. old woman, met a 23 yr old guy. it started out just a friend with benefits. well he totally played me. I did see the signs but i guess i chose to ignore them. I thought i was older and wiser and would not get sucked in but i did. He would say he loved me. he said he liked older women. text me constantly. I started getting his cig, weekly, phone bill every month. Rides at 2am when he so drunk. Anything he wanted. He took my atm card wiped out my account. now he has nothing to do with me. Used me,got what he wanted and gone!! Exactly, all they want is money and to say they did a older woman. I learned the hard way. He definitely was good at the game and not all so great in bed.

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