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reece said:

im not skinny but im not fat i have some junk in the trunk yes and i am very toned in my legs but there pretty big. i just dont get why the normal cute guys pick an ugly skinny or pettite girl over me and i m extreamly confedent and pretty i know that for a fact but when i get shot down even when i play realy hard to get it makes me wonder anyways thanks for letting me know why exactly they pick skinny girls over normal girls now i know

theman said:

This article made me laugh!

I’m over 40, no hair on my head, single (divorced), but I don’t have a belly and I don’t have any desire to date women under 30. I’ve pulled a lot of women, in a wide variety of ages, shapes, sizes, and heights, and still continue to pull them. With all the options available to me, I am attracted to tall, thin women like a magnet. It has very little to do with societal value, and almost everything to do with sex – easy physical access to the goods down below, as well as ease of maneuverability. Plus, if she breaks a heel and sprains her ankle, well, I can just pick her up and carry her.

Mr. Rogers said:

I’m with the guy who posted above me….I’m a guy in my mid 30′s and at this point in the game, it’s all about the sex. I was never a “looker” when I was in my younger years, so rapidly making up for lost time with all the 30 year old women who are desperate to land a boyfriend so they won’t be alone for the rest of their lives.

When hot young 20 year olds become hot not-so-young 40 year olds, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. As long as you got line on your fishing pole, you’re sure to land yourself a keeper.

popsugar said:

reese you are fricken pathetic quit whinning that shitty guys don’t like you calling skinny petite girls ugly is not going to make you any prettier because you probally ugly and just plain annoying and just jealous because they are prettier than you.i bet your one of those ugly people who thinks thier hot but their not i’m slim 5’4 127pounds and people tell me i look good and i have a healthy bmi 21.8. and plus normal in this county is actually a bit chubby so how much do you weigh?

raf said:

Great article. I agree with most of the points and as a guy I do find it harder to land skinny chicks. I’m dating a fattie right now and it’s depressing me on multiple levels, but ironically not because of sex. I think women are losing incentive to keep fit because with the obesity epidemic 1 in 4 women are obese in America so guys are stuck with it.

katie said:

i totally agree with this article…it is a little ridiculous though. i don’t understand where any guy gets of thinking he has the right to have a “hot chick”
if you don’t have the body of an abercrombie model….then why should i have to?

as for RAF: that is the most disgusting thing i have ever heard. how dare you ever call your girlfriend a fattie. you deserve to get slapped by every person in the world right now for being an absolute pig.

Tim said:

I am 40 and single, I am not going bald and I don’t have a beer belly. The reason I like thin women is because they kick as and fat chicks gross me out.

try again with your logic the only thing you got right is I am 40 and single. I will die single before I hang with a fat pig. The biggest reason I am single is because women think it is ok to be a fat pig. Most guys think with there dick and over look it, I wont.

Beliha said:

Some guys find skinny girls nauseating. (anorexic) a little weight wont hurt a girl. But alot is as nauseating as anorexic girls.

teresa said:

well all guys have different taste just like women do. some guys like big women others like them skinny.I personally think women need to get in shape to be HEALTHY, to have confidence , to give them more options…(like how not to settle with men like tim, our 40yr old douchebag up a couple of comments above me)LOL i mean your old and most likely jeffrey dahmer disgusting look alike. I work out alot to a point were i have reached a very toned body and i am good looking and i love turning done guys like tim

kelvin said:

Well, most of the things posted in the article have truth to them. Who doesn’t want a woman who resembles a model or a pornstar? And most woman wouldn’t mind a guy who looks like Brad Pit or George Clooney.
Realistically though, we should mostly concentrate on whether we find our partner attractive. I have been with heavier women and I have to say that I was attracted to them in many ways. Not just because they were heavy or slim. Attraction depends on many factors, you have to take all of them into account, not just the person’s weight.

Also, look at yourself closely before demanding that your girl/guy look a certain way. The fish is most times only as good as the bait.

Andreea said:

I am confused by this article. One minute it sounds like its against plus size women and in another paragraph it sounds like they are cheering them on to be who they are. SO which is it? I agree with some people here who say ” you like what you like.” I don’t feel its right to judge people based on appearance, what gives you the right to call some one a pig? or a fattie? whatever you throw out to the universe you get back 10 fold. Imagine what others maybe saying about you. You don’t know what struggles people may be going through, and everyone has their demons that cause them to be who they are. Skinny or Fat, Tall or Short difference is what makes this world unique. We need individuality to make this soceity work. Skinny may be in this Century, it could be OUT the next. Skinny does not automatically make you hot, there are plenty of “HOT” people that dont have personality, skills, and education. You need those things to survive in life. Vanity can only get you so far. I feel sorry for those of you who are narrow minded and can’t see beyond body parts and sex. It really shows your maturity level. Living life with an open heart and an open mind could be bring you so much more in life and You never know what your missing, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Laura said:

Well I am a bigger lady and I have no problem getting dates with successful, good looking mature men. Opening doors for me, taking me out, holding my hand and kissing me in public, taking me to hang out with their friends, taking me shopping. Being proposed to 3 times by such men. I believe a woman can be good looking, no matter what her size, as long as she has confidence in herself and I believe men are attracted to this.

mike said:

Yes guys can be shallow pigs, but women are just as shallow. Girls will refuse to date a guy if he shorter than her when she is wearing high heals, has lost hair, dosn’t make atleast x amount of dollars, etc.

It’s easier for you women to get inshape than for me to grow taller.

Nanette said:

You men who commented on this totally gross me out! No wonder most of you are 40 and still single… you have no respect for women! Men like to eat am I right? Well so do women, so what gives you the right to call women fatties and pigs… can we say superbowl parties…. Women like to eat just as much as men… sad thing is that women have to starve themselves just for you stupid men! Life is not all about sex! And let me say this… if you get a skinny girl pregnant… well she aint gonna be so skinny anymore!!!!!!!!!!

mike said:

Larger women may be normal but normal is not good. Two thirds US population is over weight by medical standards. One third is obese. This shortens life and causes many medical problems and increases risk for many diseases. Not to mention low self esteem. Our children are becoming obese because they mimick their parents habits. Stop the denial people and get in shape. I would not date a large women (not talking about a few extra pounds), a smoker, drug user, or an alcoholic – all are choices.

Karen said:

I have to agree with Mike. In fact, there is a lady in New Jersey who weighs 600lbs and she is attempting to put on another 400lbs in 2 years.

Her reason: She wants to be the worlds fattest female.

Her name is Donna Simpson. Google “600lb lady” if you want to read more about her.

sweetcherry said:

reese fat ugly w****s like you dervseve to die your worthless and pathtic so go **** yourslef people say i’m pretty but your not men are so ugly

(edited for language – K)

ReaLisTic said:

this is why America won’t change. I hope more Americans like me are still waiting for ppl to understand that obesity is not a good thing and deserves to be frowned upon. Healthy skinny girls are beautiful even without any help from media or porn. They simply don’t have to see the doctor as much and actually looks good to the eye.

Happily Married said:

I have to say that men who just look at women for there bodies are disgusting! When I met my husband, I was a size 2 and I am 5’10′ and a former model. However, I have PCOS and Thyroid disease which have both put weight on me(now a size 12) and make it nearly impossible to lose weight. My husband is still very much in love with me and my body! I am fortunate to have found somebody who is going to love me no matter what my body looks like because it would suck to have to try to find love in a world where men demand for women to look a certain way instead of accepting who they are and falling in love with their personalities.

lost cause said:

asian women is GODS answer for what american women have become

20&happy said:

im 20 artical is true but it gets deeper than that simply put any relationship starts with attraction then moves on to attitude and personality. and i told my fiancee to gain weight.

Jon said:

Who wrote this crap? I hope you don’t write more. You really suck. Also, I’m a man….but your writeup is sad. Like an obese virgin with no sense…

Nicole said:

As a tall, thin, FIT woman I am completely disgusted by this article (and most of the lame comments). Obviously the author relates to number 8 on this ridiculous list… 40 something, balding, probably a little thick around the middle and trying to pick up on girls that could be his daughters. Pathetic. As a 20 something woman, trust me, those thin younger women DON’T want you to hit on them at the club and try to grind on their leg. They probably think it’s funny that you’re even trying.

Jason said:

Obese people is a major modern problem. This list is good, but leaves a lot out as well. Consider the psychological impact of fat girls teasing the thin guys, ignoring them, and so forth. Also, it’s a lot of work to gain muscle, while most women are putting forth zero effort to stay slim. If you are in your ideal weight range, then it shows that you at least care. Now, there’s nothing shallow about what the psyche desires. If a skinny girl is what it’s going to take to get me to orgasm…..why in the fuck would I go after a fat woman? That would be insanity, and any professional in the psychological realm would deem that as unhealthy.

simz said:

Why do people only talk about extremes anymore?
Is it so hard to NOT focus on either the waif whose only thing that goes into her body is diet pepsi (because the ‘fatty’ soda is not acceptable) and cigarette smoke, with all of her rib-cage-showing-behind-her-none-existant-cleavage grossness, or some disgusting, fat, pale, lifeless blob, with jowls hanging off of every limb, and a lost piece of fried chicken somewhere between the east and southeast wing of her stomach?
God forbid that someone be IN BETWEEN?
That someone just be a healthy weight, and have a healthy relationship with food?

You are part of the cancer that is killing society.
I hope you choke on something

Karen said:


Nathan said:

I like skinny/petite women because there very feminine and vulnerable looking, and it feels good to be there man and protecter.

skuttle said:


well yes… men do look for the young fertile women to bear their children… cause the main function of a man is to fuck everything, you have to. in the past half of your kids die before adulthood. and women look for a man who can provide (ie good job, organization skills, whatever you think you need to raise your kids etc….), and of course has to be good looking.. she doesnt want fugly children. and viceversa a man doesnt want an ugly girl for the same reason right?

btw, what kind of fat we talking about? the only fat i can say is unacceptable is the 400 pound-wears clothes that dont fit-dines at kfc-rides a scooter everywhere. of course thats just my opinion though, if a person (woman or man, dont forget there are obese men too) looks like that, well fat and ugly pretty much come hand in hand (unless you are blessed with cute features or pull off using alot of makeup) then why does he/she deserve a hot spouse? you dont see and obese man walking around with a babe for a wife, do you? i think more often than not, the women is larger, sometimes ALOT larger than her husband! ive seen it!

dont come on here all pouty because you refuse to date a fat chick… theres plenty of fish in the sea, instead of flaming about fat chicks you could be going out.. it doesnt take much to get a date unless you are a real douchebag, and thats a pretty big fail in life. you could go speed dating, find girls on the internet for gods sake (father is 46 and has had 3 rl girlfriends that he met on the internet).. or hell go to church LOL. women who are that faithful are usually virgins until marriage, and dont care about this sort of stuff. well, at least in my religious experience (LOL).

if you dont give a shit about your appearance or attitude, and you end up looking like hell, then you dont deserve someone who does care about themselves. it takes work to find the right one, and dont cry when you just dont want to work for it.

Jeff J. said:

Try living in the south. Almost everyone has a belly hanging over their pants. News flash. All men are shallow. If we can’t see ourselves having sex with a woman then we are not interested no matter the personality. It’s in our DNA the same way women go after ‘providers.’ Just because someone is single over 40 doesn’t mean there’s some major problem. Contract marriage is just a tradition based (supposedly) on Bronze Age myths anyway. Besides. most married people settle anyway. I know lots of married guys and almost all of them would cheat in a heartbeat. Yeah, we men are dogs.

Sarah said:

What this article leaves out is a HUGE in between. People aren’t only skinny or fat.
I myself am twenty four, 5’8 and 145 pounds, perfectly healthy. I don’t consider myself fat OR skinny, but I’m fine. I have dated guys who have been with skinny girls and say that (in the sex department) a little more can bet better. Why not? Ever seen Christina Hendricks on Mad Men? It may just be the 1960′s, but that’s what men loved, and many still do. Men may not be automatically attracted to “fat” girls or “skinny” girls, or maybe they are. But overall, it’s thin, curvy, beautiful, and smart that win the most.
And for those forty something bald guys in this thread who just hunt for sex, GROW UP. Try meeting a girl for her personality, getting into a real relationship, and be nice to her. You’ll have better sex with somebody you love then some stranger anyday, and you’ll be happier too.

Hm said:

As a teenage girl…It’s because of guys like Tim that more of us are becoming anorexic. We had learned the word emaciated in class…and my teacher asked a girl to use it in a sentence. Her sentence was ” I wish I could be more emaciated.” Is that what you want us to think about ourselves? I for one knew the word beforehand, and was horrified by her response…and after showing her a picture of what it looked like…more girls promptly agreed and wished they were “emaciated” as well. Later on that year…an overweight girl committed suicide. In her note to a friend it basically had said she will live and die alone anyway, so why wait. Sure being obese is unhealthy but putting them down and isolating them from society isn’t going to fix it.

ken said:

Men atracted to thin women ARE NOT SHALLOW infact quit the oposite We as a human race are programed thew millions of years or evelution to SUVIVE as a speicies and one of our BIOLOGICAL instinks programed ( hard wierd) into our system is to seack out the trong healthy and CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF THEMSELFS women I Depp in the subconcious of EVERY MAN lies a trigger that Whe seen a fat of overweight chik He sees … She cant take care of herself Shes iresponcable there for HOW CAN SHE TAKE CARE OF HIM AND HIS OFFSPRING she will raise them to be fat and die young etc This is a hard core iron clad FACT and i geretee and FAT chik will be looking at a strong healthy guy who can bring back the kill to feed her children before she notises mr tubby and MONEY wow why dont we acuse women off beeing shllow because of MONEY well Its the same She is progrmmed to pic a man who can help her and her children survive and be strong as a species like humanity demands This is not made up this is read from studies YEARS OF IT in humanity and human mentality

ken said:

One final thing as for allyou ANGERY obease women who are about to typ hate replies YES im dyslexic just like alber eistien was So relax ok Im here to help not hate

Ams said:

How about just love a woman no matter what her size? Some women go between being fat and skinny- my hubby sticks with me- I was fat after pregnancy, now I’m skinny again. He didn’t get grossed out he loved me when I had more and now that I have less. I always felt sexy around him. All this stuff disappears when you focus on love, not image.

Gabriel said:

Fuck this bullshit! None of this is true. Some guys just like skinny girls b/c that is there type. I like skinny girls but I also like any other type of girl also. I dated a girl who was 180 pds and she was just as beautiful as any other chick. Skinny girls have just as much self esteem issues as bigger girls. I am 6’1, 130 pds I am very skinny, I like skinny girls because we have that in common. Skinny people get made fun of just like fat people do. They say we dont eat, or that we make ourselves puke, or some other idiotic shit. Some people’s matabilism is just higher than others and thats why they are skinny. I know people who are skinny like me and wish they could gain weight but can’t. I am one of those people. So when it comes to porn and magazines and stuff like that, it has nothing to do with the way guys look at girls. Maybe with some guys thats just what they like or like a skinny girls b/c he might have that in common with her.

Rachel said:

I have to say, I’m a 38 y/o female and my last two BFs were 8-9 years younger than me, I’m finding men in their 50-60′s to be quite attractive now, I haven’t seen one naked yet but mentally, they are starting to attract me… But being a 20 year old back in the day, I or none of my young friends were into men in their 30′s or older.

Young chicks want hot young guys too.. Don’t fool yourself guys. There’s so many young men vying for young women, what makes you think you look better than younger men? Come on now get real.

Rachel said:

btw My post was for the men posting comments… But I believe that men are attracted to thin women because when boys start noticing girls ( hell, or boys for that matter, both sexes apply here ) they are usually in their preteens or teenage years, they are hardwired to like thin, young women. Huge Hefner says that he’s changed because he’s gotten older but the women he’s attracted to still stay the same.

And let’s be honest here, ALL straight women like those hot young guys too. Men are not any more sexually functional or think about sex more than women do. We just express it differently and for very good reasons.

Alabama Shrink said:

I think what disturbed me the most about this whole thread is that so many people seem to believe that somehow overweight women are less than human, that they deserve to be ridiculed and belittled because of a weight problem! I feel like I’m on a grade school playground. Is obesity a problem? Yes. Should people lose weight and get healthy? Yes. Will making them feel worthless and insecure kick-start their motivation to do so? Not likely. What people don’t understand about obesity is that it’s not always completely in their control. Most of the time, these people definitely made mistakes to get them to their respective size, but once you get there, it’s a much more difficult feat to get rid of that much weight naturally than most of you who posted could ever do yourselves. As a psychologist, the only advice I can give to the people who posted these ridiculous comments is to try a little self-reflection and solve you’re own problems before you condemn someone else for their personal struggles.

YoungWoman said:

Ladies, we need to stop crying about this and look at reality. Men are 99% VISUAL creatures. Sure they’ll take a woman with a great personality, but only if she also has a great look.

I’m 23 years old and I’m in love with an extremely good looking man who is 44 years old. He only likes thin girls and has let me know that he is attracted to me, but he won’t commit unless I lose weight. I don’t blame him , so I’m losing the weight.

This is life.

Candace said:

I agree with the majority of the men here,there is no reason why a woman should be over weight. Back in the 17th century women worked just as hard as the men,and were healthy and not over weight like the women are now. I allowed my self after my 5th child to just not work out and I’m paying for it now in the gym! Your not happy with yourself as a women when your over weight. I’m a women so I know first hand. I always was a size 6 and then to let my self go to a 15 is just SICK!!! Anyway I really liked this website. The truth hurts!

Paul said:

You can either marry a skinny girl and watch her get bigger, or you can marry a big girl and watch her get bigger. I’ll take the former over the latter, thank you.

Chris said:

You didn’t actually ANSWER the question with this article. For example, WHY do all the magazines and pornos feature skinny women. WHY do men not want to see excess fat? Men don’t think skinny women are attractive because they’re in all the magazines, its the other way around. The only thing you’ve done is list consequences of men being attracted to skinny women, not reasons.

ali said:

i prefer plump girls.what i mean by plump is a bit of fat but not to not attracted to skinny or fat girls.any woman between size 12-18 is my type and that’s what i go for.

Alexander said:

Im a young man i’ll say that, but i understand this whole thing. It isn’t all about looks like this article mostly implies. There are so many different reasons why you could be attracted to someone. Like if the person is caring, they like things that you like and the list goes on and on. Oh yeah ive been reading alot of these other comments and alot of these (grown men) are so sexist to women in general, and it makes me really mad. because im about 3 times younger, but im much old when it comes to my mind set.

Riki said:

Sad but true:
- Clothes look better on tall, skinny women.
- Fat women get made fun of because fat is ugly.
- Skinny women get made fun of too because fat women always want to get even.
- Some men date fat women because they like fat women.
- Other men date fat women because they cannot find a skinny girlfriend.
- Men don’t date skinny women because they cannot find a fat girlfriend.
- Fat men are ugly too.

Gilead said:

Missed one really big reason. I don’t go for fat girls for a very real reason. Everyone of them, without exception, has one of two major issues.

1. They are completely undisciplined in their physical life. I’m not talking about people who have a bit larger form. Some girls tend to be wider, and I don’t mind that. I mean the fat girls. The ones who clearly can’t say no to the all you can eat buffet, or the candy bar. If it’s there, they eat it. If it’s not there, they find it and eat it. If you are seriously overweight, it’s because you can’t control yourself. If you can’t control yourself in something so simple as managing your weight, which society has an overpresent pressure on, then how are you going to manage any other part of your life?

2. On the heels of the first, they have major emotional problems. Go on any dating site and read the tag lines that they put. “No liars!” “My heart has been broken too many times!” “I just want a real man” fill in the blank. They are angry, and they are a ball of drama going somewhere to happen. These girls aren’t necessarily overweight because they can’t control their eating by itself. They are overweight because they have serious emotional issues which lead to either A) hormonal issues, or B) comfrot eating.

Not trying to be mean to all the larger girls out there, but it’s only fair that they know. If you want a guy to go for you, stop whining about guys not liking you because your fat, and do something about it. Maybe you won’t be the skinny supermodel, that’s fine. Most guys are very content to be with a girl who isn’t super skinny, contrary to popular opinion. But they do want a girl that shows some degree of self-management.

brandie said:

like a few of the women who commented on here i also find alot of these comments 2 b just plain rude. bigger girls have just as much rite as smaller girls to be happy. god made every last one of us, big, small, tall, short. i my self am a bigger girl, i’ve been struggling with my weight my entire life (from birth). i was always the “fat” friend in my cliques in school, but i have had my share of both skinny an bigger bf’s. many of you who commented bashing “fat” girls act like we dont try to lose the weight. i myself weighed 255 an am now down to 210, my fiancee doesnt want me to lose anymore bc he likes my body, (then and now). big girls are jus as beautiful as the small ones. im happy with who i am an how i look. (an yes i know im probably going to get some responses from some douchebag or some hoebag bashing me bc i am a big girl stating my oppinion). an to you i say this, im not bashing skinny women in any way or saying they are ugly bc thats not true, im simply saying big girls need love too.

hoop said:

I have found it hard to know where to start. I am fascinated by Americas obsession with weight, everywhere we look people are either too bg (biggest loser) or too small ( any runway). I believe this is an epidemic. Having a young daughter I’d hope to instill first and foremost a core or self esteem about WHO she is not what she looks like. There are people who have much bigger (no pun intended) problems than weight. Once a human being begins to appreciate life and all its blessing/curses trivial discussions for skinny vs. Fat will be seen as sad. But who am I to preach, I too have found myself stumbling upon this site and like any others felt a deep need to comment. I wish I had stumbled upon something of importance and substance, world hunger or genocide. It isn’t as simple as it seems, this skinny vs. fat debate, it isn’t as shallow as it appears. A healthy person begins with a healthy spirit and mind, a strong stable psyche if you will. Eating disorders come in many shapes and forms, a females esteem is a fragile thing even when is it strong and established. I would dare to end with this, men are NOT the problem, not even close. When a women knows who she is and what she can accomplish (skinny or fat) one opinion may sting but it will not scar.

john said:

Ok I have nothing against fat chicks heck I probably even do one. for fun as long as she takes care of her self and is not to nasty looking. but as far as marrying them it just not my thing, I’m sure they are many wonderful guys out there that want that sort of thing just not me.

Luis Mangum said:

They have to know that it is an issue. I’m thinking that if these folks currently hvn’t addressed this, they could in the close future. Facebook has accomplished with with the Fan webpages.

Heather Lynn said:

I loved this article.. it is completely lost on most who commented it, apparently… but it is so honest. Our society has completely reduced romance and it sucks. I’m 43, 5’7″ and tone/tan, I have plenty of confidence. Porn, strip clubs the predominance of female prostitutes vs. males and the fact that the male prostitutes serve gay men, not women are all really sad realities. We are way too fat in this country, but you know what makes me sick to my stomach? I walk in the mornings with my ipod.. miles and it really relaxes my mind and keeps me fit, but I have been approached repeatedly by married guys who want to pay for sex. I’m not looking for it, it just happens. It’s really really really depressing. All these guys that are married, have the fatty women I guess, who aren’t sexy to them. Its sad all the way around.. sad for me that I’m assumed to be a prostitute, or easy cuz I’m out walking and sad for the women at home who think they have a gem. I would totally love a fat man, a bald man or a shorter man… I just want a good man. They vanished two generations ago.

Heather Lynn said:

One more thing to alabama shrink… people who got themselves there can get themselves back from obesity… they gotta turn off the tv .. tv is only sucking the life from you. instead of television with constant ads with beautiful women who make fatties feel insecure and constant food ads which make them say “f it.. i’m havin that..” get up off your ass and go walk, listen to music and dance… stretch out on the floor. I was 180 lbs at one point and my very awesome husband began cheating on me. who the hell can blame him, honestly. i completely changed my lifestyle, took up rollerblading and haven’t had cable in 8 years. turn off the negative influences.. be alone for a while, figure out what you need to do to own your life and get beautiful.

vi said:

if you REALLY want to lose all faith in humanity, try spending the first 20 or so years of your life as a very fat girl. and then drop about 100 pounds and become a very skinny girl. the difference in the way people will treat you will absolutely disgust you.

Jan said:

Article and comments are very interesting…a learning experience indeed. I’ve been on a dating site since April and boy have I had an education! The men are so shallow. They are in their 40s, balding, with a huge beer belly that looks like they are about to give birth to twins and then they will say that they want a woman that looks like a supermodel. Big double standard!! I had to straighten a few of them out by letting them know that their expectations were totally unrealistic and that this was the reason for their frustration in finding someone “good”….lol. I am not “skinny” but not huge either and I work out a lot. Some of the guys that want the skinny women have never seen the inside of a gym and have a permanent imprint of their bodies on their couches. What makes you think that those skinny woman would want a shiftless, beer guzzling, potato chip eating, bald, arrogant man like you?? Please spare me!

Also, I agree with Vi because I’ve been there and there were guys that didn’t look at me when I was heavy and then treated me different because I had lost weight. I am still the same person inside that I was back then. So when this happens I don’t give them the time of day because now they are unworthy of me. ;)

joe said:

Men are visual and fat women are not, generally, attractive sexually to most men. If the relationship is more than sex, there are other factors that are equally important– character, attitude, values, etc.

Fatass 15 said:

So this is what our community is? Disgusting balding men who think they have a right to be disgusted with big women? What about women being disgusted with 40 year old pervs who still watch porn because they can’t get any. You all make it seem like being big is such a wrong thing. I understand that obesity is bad but what if the womans a little overweight? Does that mean she’ll still get frowned upon? I’m 15 years old reading this and I feel as if I have to go kill myself because you people are saying that no one would love me. I agree that obesity is a bad habit in America but does a little weight really bug you out? I mean as long as you’re getting a place to rest your dick in you should be okay right? I’m just saying shouldn’t it be less about the beauty outside and more about the pulchritude inside? The heart of the woman and the way her mind works other than how many bones you can get out of a woman until you’re moving to the next one. And you should applaud the heavy weight woman because I’m pretty sure she knows how to feed herself and could feed you. I’m not saying a small woman couldn’t do that but I’m just saying big girls need love too. We are all beautiful in our own way and I don’t really appreciate feeling like a “FATTY” because I’d rather eat a Twinkie than shove two fingers down my throw after every bite to please people. If you’d rather be attracted to me when I’m small than when I am thick and lovely then I wouldn’t want you any way because you’re obviously too superficial for my liking. The article isn’t as depressing as the COMMENTS some of you are putting down bigger women. I have alot of skinny boys wanting to bone me just as much as skinny chicks getting offers (but thank god I’m saving myself for a guy to actually LOVE me). For all you people putting down a big woman by not wanting to marry her or anything how about you GET TO KNOW HER. I’m pretty sure she might have more heart in her left DOUBLE D BRA then a skinny chick who only thinks about the carrot she ate and how it will affect her later. And to reiterate myself, again I am a 15 year old who thinks that this article is unfair.And yes, I am on the thick side but I’m not that big either.

chip said:

It seems too is the meaning if the term “skinny” as it bandied about in a very non specific way. My girlfriend is Japanese and is sooooooo skinny. No eating disorders, no conscious effort to be thin, and in fact she feels self-conscious about being so slight. Though I find her size appealing, many guys would find her too thin. Big fat Americans, whether male or female, have commented on these naturally tiny women as skinny-bitch, or being anorexic in some type of jealous retaliation for what they are not because their enormity is more pronounced contrasted to somebody like my girl. Size in the United States takes on a different urgency than in most other countries. Big in the US is really big. Age often naturally brings on a bit more girth and flabbiness among both sexes of most races, so a bigger person in Korea (for ex.), looks like an average American. I recall traveling in Europe and looking for my terminal for the return flight to the US, and without looking at the gate number, I knew from the girth of the majority of those waiting, which was the “American” flight.

What I am getting at is that big people in our big country speak about this as though the rejection of obesity is the sign of shallowness, but in reality with the sizes we are talking about esp. here, we are looking freakish sizes in some cases. I don’t believe it is as conscious as we sometimes portray or would like to think. For me, I just never look twice at a huge woman and it is not conscious and I do not think myself a rock star or chasing fantasies of dating models. Not being large IS normal from a biological standpoint and many sizes and shapes can fall within that rather wide range of possibilities and preferences.

Rick said:

It’s always about the person inside. Around my way i find all girls of all types of sizes the same.. their all into material things, worried about the physical appearance. I’m not totally anti-dating a thick woman but i’m anti dating a woman who doesn’t take care of herself and feeds herself crap because she’s brainwashed to keep herself that way. same with thin girls. except alot work hard at keeping their body curvy, we shouldn’t fault them for that. I’m prolly always going to look for a thin girl.. most likely from (110-140) and ima keep it that way. But im also looking for the right human being! One that is focused on life, not the material things.. one who is commited to family and is easy to talk to! that’s me

Lilith said:

Men on here are fooling themselves. Women are just as visual and prefer a hot bodied spankytoy any day over the average schmoe – and cheat just as much as men do. I’m 40, extremely physically fit and my husband is a fat, gelatinous mass who has let himself go because he doesn’t feel he has to try anymore – you know, since he “got” me and all. Luckily, I have enough going for me on the side to stay sane and so that the kids won’t have to suffer until I can unload the dead weight once they leave the nest. All my girlfriends – gorgeous and thin with overweight fatties and all are looking to escape. Some already have. Who want’s a fat pig sweating all over you when something better is out there waiting. The grass is ALWAYS greener ladies…and we don’t have to take a pill to get going.

klh said:

This is the worst advice ever. “Guys who go for skinny chicks will wind up old and alone?” How you figure? Men like skinny women, simple as that. It’s not cultural, it’s not a trophy thing. A woman’s #1 asset for getting a guy is looks. Because that’s what guys mostly care about. It doesn’t matter how cool you are, if we’re not attracted to you – you’re nothing to us.

So, if you’re fat – stop eating! And don’t tell me that “well duur I don’t eat anyway.” There’s no fat people in Ethiopia, you know why? ‘Cause they really don’t eat. But your fat entitled American ass sneaks snacks all day long, then lies about it. That’s why you go to bed crying and alone.

Once you take control and empower yourself to STOP STUFFING YOUR MOUTH, and you start losing weight – you will be amazed at the improvement in your life. AH-MAZED.

So stop snacking, don’t eat anything sweet, salty or processed – and miss a few meals a week. You’ll feel bad at first, really hungry, and then your body will adjust. You’ll get used to eating less. You’ll be better-looking and you WILL find that guy who will love you @ 120lbs. You won’t find him @ 180.

SweetNightmare said:

You people telling bigger people to just stop eating so much, it’s not so simple as that. I eat breakfast and lunch. I refuse snacks and barely touch dinner. I go once a week to both a gym and a pool, and many times I walk to work. In high school, which I only graduated a couple of months before, I was in ROTC, which wore out even the most in shape students every Friday with Physical Training. I feel guilty every time I eat, even if it’s just a package of crackers, because even after all that, all the effort of trying to lose the weight, I’m still 180. Yes, I have considered anorexia. I’ve considered extreme diets. I eat when I’m with friends most of the time because they expect me to. I don’t eat when I’m at home, I turn down everything offered to me. The next step of not eating is not to eat any meals at all. I go to sleep hungry because I hope that if my body isn’t storing nutrients as I sleep, I’ll lose more weight. It simply won’t come off.

Why don’t some of you assholes think a little more before you judge? You people are why I was teased relentlessly through elementary school, called fatass by kids younger than me! Shunned by people that were my friends when I was five years old and still thin when I hit seven and started getting chubby, couldn’t run as fast, couldn’t play as well as the other kids. You people ruined my childhood. So what did I do to ease my suffering, back then? I ate. Chocolate made me feel good. But then I felt bad for eating. So I just try not to eat snacks. You people have made me wish I was dead, because I felt like I was the most hideous thing on the planet. Not just men, women do it to! The looks I get from skinny women sometimes make me want to cry. When several of the popular girls at my school started actually talking to me and even asked what’s wrong when I was upset, I was so taken off guard I just said I was fine, because they were the very people that tormented me my whole life.

Men? They never change. I was the girl guys would joke about dating, because the thought of dating someone my size was hilarious to them. My third boyfriend broke up with me because he was in love with my best friend, whose size is I kid you not less than zero, without dieting or anorexia. All the time I feel like the fat friend that everyone laughs at. Why don’t you men go through that and see how you feel about it! Assholes.

Amba said:

I think this whole thing is ridiculous.. People like what they like, for whatever reasons they like them. It’s an personal preference or opinion. And it’s one you should keep to yourself if you are going to hurt other people. Personally, I like very slight men. But I would never call a larger man ‘disgusting’ just based on his looks. I don’t understand why people go out of their way to hurt others. And why a lot of you seem so keen to jump on the bandwagon and do the same. Fight for yourself, not your size. It’s not a war of fat Vs thin. You don’t like fuller-figures? Sweet, don’t sleep with them. You don’t like bones? That’s alright too. No big deal. But does this argument really mean so much to you that you would seemingly try to make other people feel terrible about themselves? Are you really that passionate about it that you would lash out and make someone you don’t know re-evaluate their bodies? For you? Someone they don’t even know?

I was anorexic at seventeen after a childhood of never actually being overweight, but always at the brink. I do think bones are very beautiful and I find it very difficult to look at myself with my ‘healthy’ weight and find peace in that. People did talk to me a lot more and I got a lot more sex when I was on the lower side of normal weight. But when I was underweight, I got people looking at me in disgust as they might do an overweight person. It is so unnecessary.

Have an opinion on it, but don’t claim to have the ‘right’ one.. It’s an opinion.

Jenna said:

I am a 28 y/o stripper with an awesome body 105lbs extremly lean and fit and have perfect tits 34 c and a nice ass. I get told on a constant basis that I look like a mix between Megan Fox/Lindsey Lohan .Unfortunatly my boyfriend watches porn with anorexic ugly chicks with no tits and no ass,these women look like little boys what the hell is the attraction?He says he likes the muscle but I saw no muscle only ribs and -a cups.It makes me feel like I am not his “type” even though he says he is extremly attracted to me.My question is this he spends more time wacking it to these anorexic little boy lookalikes then giving me some,is it time to leave before he leaves me for one of these chicks?

kristi said:

all the men that use the whole “we are programmed this way” is a bunch of bull. it basically is a form of degrading themselves. are you saying you have not evolved from a caveman? the most prominent example of evolution is of course physical attributes, but in this day and is mostly because of our contributions to society; our intelligence and skills. all based on survival.

of course “fit” women would fit the survival of the fittest bill. but i do have to point something out… there is a such thing as “skinny fat”. oh yes.. the girl who starves herself and is flabby but has nothing on her because she is “starving”. then there are bigger girls who are strong as hell and they tend to never get sick, and are maybe slightly overweight by a few pounds. i am sure you are aware of people like this..
so you talk about being programmed to find the fittest, but buuuuut… you men sure jump to the “visual” aspects as the #1 thing you look for when pertaining to this. skinny doesn’t necessarily mean “fit”.

i am very confused.

if it’s because you want control over a woman.. well you better step back and take a look at your worth and wonder why you would want to control or be more dominant than anybody. we are all equal…and if you can’t see past a few extra pounds, you are seriously unevolved and will be paired with people of the same calibre.

i am in no means talking crap about skinny women either. some can’t help it. but truth be told, the ones who show it off that i know are usually the ones that have disorders and are starving for attention. it comes across as confidence because they are desperate. so good luck with those women and having a relationship.

health should always be first, i agree. but for alot of the men who posted here.. they would rather the girl fit their list, than be healthy.

Dr. Pone said:

At the risk of sounding self-absorbed and conceited, I’ve had a considerable about of women in my brief sexual “career.” I’ve had women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ect. In my experience (I believe a lot of men would agree with this), skinnier women tend to have tighter “tubes” so to speak. Myth? Perhaps. Point being, extenuating circumstances aside, with skinnier women the sex is better for a multitude of reasons – this being one of them.

Dr. Pone said:

Also I would like to add in the fact that all woman (and men) tend to fill out more the older they get. A nicely shaped, petite, young lady would become a voluptuous older woman, whereas an already thick young lady would become even thicker and thus not conform to the idealized perception of beauty we have in this country. Skinny girls make better prospects.

Rebecca said:

I’m 23, slim, and very toned, educated, and am always complimented by guys and told I’m hot lookin. But I don’t like to get too full of myself because things can change in a blink of an eye and your looks can be gone. I’m looking for a REAL man that treats me well, helps me to grow as a person. None of the morons commenting would ever have a chance with me.

NoName said:

What the fu*ck!~!!! ok you men who think that girls who are skinny can give you more. yea what the fuck ever they just want you for your damn money and the occasional fling or two bigger girls have more to offer and will give it to you all the time. no fu*cking joke

sngeldad said:

Myself i prefer fit women i have noticed that most heavy women have a huge problem with the way they look and if they have a problem with the way they look when are they going to have a problem with there mates looks i even went out with a couple of heavy females as freinds one nite i was getting tired of hearing ” that guy is an a hole he wont go out with me cause im fat ” i pointed out a guy that was looking at them they said eww we cant date him he is to short so i dont go out with fat girls because of double standards and health im a singel dad bcause my heavy wife got diabeties from an unhealthy life style and she wouldnt take care of herself why should she when its ok to be fat now tell that to my kids when they ask you where is my mommy

sngeldad said:

As i was saying b4 health is a big issue for me the tooth picks are just as unhealthy as the obeise people not just women obeisity runs in my family or should i say the potentel for it along with heart problems and looks dont bother me either is there any one of us going to be beutiful at 90 years old beutey does fade now for a test go to your local nursing home count the obeise residents then go back and count the sexy ones your numbers will be close so when looking for a mate you realy should look for one that will be sitting in a rocking chair next to you

Sori said:

My sister is 5’8″ and 135lbs…
I have had boyfriends that have told me that they would rather bang my sister, then I left them. I also have to say that I do go to the gym and diet, but it still doesn’t help. Yes, Calories in has to be less than calories out, but it’s also genetics, health defects and other reasons why some people (men and women) can’t lose weight. Some of these comments seriously wanted to make me slit my wrists.
This article sounds more like the Onion than the Associated Press. It makes sense, but it’s not the full story.

O said:

Dr. Pone is right, everyone fills out as they get older. Skinny women will develop bigger hips and curves in general, and the bigger girls will also. However the skinny women will look better. Imagine Kim Kardashian 10-20 years from now. I guarantee she will go through surgery to get rid of her famous curves because they won’t look so good. I’m a girl who was bigger and went thin. No, not anorexic thin. There is an in between. I get MUCH more attention now. The only reason I even got big was because I didn’t have an active lifestyle at all due to a circumstance. I’m naturally athletic so I dropped it quick. But I never starved. In fact, that is why we have this obesity epidemic. Read the obesity epidemic by Zoe Harcombe. She has a diet and weight loss book too. I’m not paid to do this, she owns it all. But it’s what helped me and a lot of other people. Anyways it explains why America and the UK has this issue. One thing is for sure: We need to get processed food out! The reason why people in Europe are so thin and attractive is because they eat real food. If you order a latte with non fat milk in Paris they will laugh at you. They don’t know fat free milk. Why? Fat free milk isn’t real. You actually need fats. Just not trans fats. I could go on all day but it’s something you guys need to research for yourselves. The point is– when I say fat I mean 160-600 and so on. It’s more for health than anything guys. Everyone looks different though. A petite girl won’t have the same skinny legs that a supermodel has because they both have different builds. Just research and educate yourselves and start working at it. Detox and get rid of toxins. That’s actually why supermodels like Elle Macpherson look so good. She doesn’t take in ANY toxins. She doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee, ever. It’s a similar program to Zoe Harcombes except you can’t ever have a little cheat. So research and for those of you who want to be healthier try it. You will be happier!

garrett lopez said:

hey hey i like my girls with somemeat on them. skinny girls are ok but the thick girls are perfect. jusk in the truck as you may call it is the best!!! most skinny girls seem stuck up anyways but not all of tgem i just like my girls thick ;D

LoLFattyWroteAnArticle said:

This post basically makes men look like 100% unevolved monkeys that only desire to have sex with anything they can get their hands on. I’ll politely disagree.

I’m 20 years old, the first time I had sex I was 18 years old. I’ve dated the same girl for nearly 3 years now, she’s wonderful -inside, but currently not out.

When we first met, she exercised daily (jogs, yoga, etc.) and at 5 foot 3 she weighed 110 lbs -and boy did she look fit. Her body is what first attracted me, yes, that is how we work on a cellular level; But it was her mind that captivated me, and still to this day I love her.

I do not love the lack of respect she is showing to her own body however.

In the past year she has put on 80lbs, making her weigh more than I do. I myself am 6 foot 1, 185 lbs and work every other day at maintaining my body weight and staying in shape. She being much shorter than I and now weighing more than I… Simply put, we don’t have sex often anymore.

I can’t help it, she’s still the same person -but face it, I can’t have intercourse with her mind, I’m stuck with what she’s turned her body into, and it just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

She looks unhealthy, she acts unhealthy (always tired no matter how much sleep she gets, naps all the time, eats twice as much as I do but does is 1% as active as I am, etc.), I just can’t bring myself to get around by the jiggling fat I see whenever she takes a step; Or the way my hands sink several inches into her sides if I grab her by the hips, or the way her butt sags around my fingers when I pick her up etc.

I like a woman to have a certain level of respect for her own body, being obese is not only unattractive, it is also life-threateningly unhealthy.

You only have one body, why would you treat it like a trash compactor?

If you can’t respect your own body, how can you expect men to? Obesity is recognized instinctively as a bad thing, people cringe when they see a giant oompa-loompa lumbering through the grocery store.

It’s unhealthy, it’s not going to help you win any guys over. Fact.

So why do you keep eating a tub of ice cream every time you watch a movie?


kelly said:

I have always been naturally thin, and for most of my adult life I have been picked on for being too skinny ! Even by a couple of guys who had thick girls. Including guys who were skinnyy would sometimes put me down, and I found out their ex was a fatty. Funny thing is most of my friends are not thin and their always complaining about their weight but they don’t workout or eat healthy. I support them and never comment on their weight. Yet they still feel its okay to call me a stick. And make rude comments such as a real women have curves, which of course hurts me a lot. I’m very petite and small boned. I’m 35-24-35 at 5’3. I consider myself curvy enough. I workout a couple times a week to keep toned so I don’t get lanky. Guys hit on me 5x more then they hit on my friends. And when we go out they stare at me not them. Sometimes I even get commented on just when walking by. And yet I still feel ugly and skinny. Iv tried taking pills that help to gain weight, over eating, drinking extra calorie drinks. It was crazy! I just gave up and am learning to accept my self. Iv even herd people say kim kard got engaged early because she’s got the curves. I’m mean but she lasted 2 months and heidi klum lasted a life time. I was always nice to big people but now I just wanna say F off! Stop over eating! Get of your ass and start moving! Stop putting me down and saying how you love your curves! Cause if you really did you wouldn’t be putting skinny girls down and you would be complaining. You want a good man who works hard to keep you, like my man then work for it! Otherwise don’t complain if you get stuck with someone rude and fat who doesn’t try.

Fritz said:

Technology and culture change quickly, evolution is a slow process. We are programmed to be attracted to healthy mates, healthy in terms of 20,000 years of evolution, not the standards of the last 50 years. Our bodies and minds were designed for the Stone Age when extreme physical exertion and starvation were common. That’s why we aren’t lusting over grandma and grandpa, children, the diseased, the anorexic or unfit no mater how great their personalities are. They are less likely to produce healthy children that survive into adulthood in an age not blessed with the wonders of modern medicine.

It’s only been in the last few decades that food is cheap and plentiful and our bodies and minds haven’t had time to adjust. We tone and groom ourselves to fit the profile of a healthy primitive to “trick” Mother Nature. We dress and show behaviors that advertise our best evolutionary traits (health, childbearing ability, intelligence, etc.) and conceal our flaws (height, weight, etc). That’s why cosmetics and high heels work-they make you look healthier to a potential mate.

You can’t fight evolution, if you want to get along; you’ve got to go along.

Fritz said:

Evolutionary psychology is based on the hypothesis that, just like hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, and immune systems, cognition has functional structure that has a genetic basis, and therefore has evolved by natural selection. Like other organs and tissues, this functional structure should be universally shared amongst a species, and should solve important problems of survival and reproduction.

Sexual selection provides organisms with adaptations related to mating. For male mammals, which have a relatively fast reproduction rate, sexual selection leads to adaptations that help them compete for females. For female mammals, with a relatively slow reproduction rate, sexual selection leads to choosiness, which helps females select higher quality mates.

Fritz said:

BTW This also explains why you’re more afraid of snakes and spiders than guns, even though guns kill more people in the modern age. The “Chemistry” we feel for each other developed between 1.8 to 1.5 million years ago to 12,000 years ago. That sense that you know that your partner is cheating on you that you can’t explain also developed during that period. It’s also why you crave television. It’s why men enjoy breasts because breast development is a sign of health, youth and fertility in a prospective mate. We like cheeseburgers and pizza because fat was a rare and vital nutrient in the prehistoric period. It’s all evolution.

jen said:

Ew, I’m 19 and actually (unfortunately) go to community college and those men who you claim are “the man” are seriously gross. Creeper status. Believe it or not, women are deeper than men and we look for what’s within. When we see a dude running around trying to score with “hot chicks” we see it as repulsive (except those of us with daddy issues).

Michelle said:

“YoungWoman” who posted at 23 dating a 44 yo: you might want to re-consider this guy. I am in my mid-40′s and can tell you that any guy dating a woman young enough to be his daughter has serious maturity problems. He is clearly superficial if he’s asking you to lose weight so he’ll be attractive. If you marry him, you will be 39 (still pretty young) and he will be 60! Don’t be silly. Lose weight if that’s healthy, but find a guy who actually loves you, not an image of who you might become. Love is about self-giving, not about getting a “hot skinny chick”. Really, reconsider the guy. Best wishes for a happy life and eternity!

siobhan said:

I’m only five feet two in. tall and am slightly curvy. meaning a small waist, curved hips..just a little.. not like battleshipss..and not flat chested…not fat..not skinny..supposedly a good weight for height according to those charts, but always wanted to be tall and skinny..I can’t control my height and don’t like starvation diets..I have more than my share of interested guys though…so I would say there are many who will be attracted to you if you are not stick thin…It’s funny because while I always tell my tall willowy friends I’m jealous, some of them tell me they wish they had my curves…go figure..maybe just being polite but I’ve heard it alot…Also, I have many female friends who love skinny guys..Not me…I like a guy with more bulk..nice big shoulders, chest…don’t like the dainty looking ones some of my friends love…so I do think that preferences vary …Not everyone likes painfully thin girls..or tall slim men.. There’s somebody for everybody unless you’re out of shape and flabby…get to the gym, tighten up that tush….and go out and strut your stuff.. ! Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something intoxicating about a beautiful smile with straight white teeth and a killer sense of humour…sometimes can trump a not so perfect face/body for me..and not bragging because I’m never satisfied with my looks, but have always been complimented by friends of both sexes as being very pretty. even though I’m not a stick….so don’t despair. I have a super handsome brother with a body like a greek god..girls fall all over him…and the one he is absolutely batshit crazy for is NOT skinny..quite curvy, very sexy , lots of confidence and he has dated a few skinny girls too..but the fuller one is his top pick. they are both early thirties..Look your best and be confidant …

Kris said:

At 17 I was nearly 5ft11 and 105 pounds after three years of anorexia and bulimia.The reason I developed an eating disorder was that it was a result of being teased the majority of my childhood for being overweight.I spent months in hospital due to starving myself and quite honestly It wasnt until I got pregnant with my first child a few years later that I really tried to get well.Now at age 37 after 3 kids and years of taking anti anxiety meds ( which promote weight gain fyi)I recently cut back on medication and Swim three or four hours a week.Im not doing this for any reason other than my health. If people dont like how I look- and I am “bigger”by societies standards-then quite frankly,they can go piss up a rope!.I was no happier at 105 pounds and it was just as detrimental to my health as being 200 plus.I still laugh when men think they deserve a supermodel .If a guy is that superficial and has no personality he dosent deserve ANY woman,big or small!!

Marilyn said:

The man who claimed to be depressed for having a “fattie” for a girlfriend needs to realise he is not doing her a favour by dating her. Be a human being and break up with the woman if he hates her weight that much. So women are getting bigger and men cannot deal with it? News flash! Not all women need to be screwed by a man to feel good about themselves. Not dating and the celibacy are valid choices for women.

As a larger woman, it is easier in a lot of ways to no longer want male attention. Even if I was 50 pounds lighter, I would still have the same issues if I was dating: Am I pretty/skinny/sexy enough? I had less self-esteem as a skinnier woman and felt I was still not good enough or the “cellulite” I thought i had on my tights still made me less than. The lady, who is the thinner stripper, said what a lot of women feel. This woman is probably every man’s ideal being a pretty stripper yet her mate still is seeking out an ideal that does not include her.

Being a larger woman has been liberating. I do not have to only order a salad when I go out to try to prove to the Male Arrogant Eye that I will never become obese. I can enjoy who I am as a person without worrying about the idiocy that comes from dating and relationships. For the first time in my life, I love myself. I have been without a date or a mate for 2 years. I doubt I would ever even date again. It is the adage of how women can be larger and happy when they are not trying to impress a man.

Thin ladies, remember that life brings on unexpected changes. Bodies change due to age or health. Traumatic experiences can bring on weight gain. Love yourself before you give yourself to any man. Sex before marriage….those relationships often end even for the loveliest looking of women and the ladies will have tons of emotional baggage regardless of her body type.

Ripsei said:

New flash, not all overweight people hate skinny girls or are jealous. I could care less. I’ve come to realize if someone isn’t attracted to me then that’s their right. Just like I’m not attracted to certain people, that’s fine. Ladies accept the fact that not all men will find you attractive, be it skinny, muscular, fit, curvy, or overweight. It’s their prerogative. Plain and simple.

Side note: I do believe that there’s such a thing as too big and too skinny. If you’re nothing but bones or so big you can’t walk and it’s affecting your health then guess what, you’re not healthy. I personally prefer to be healthy over being a certain weight. We focus far too much on weight rather than health. We need to learn to feed our bodies right and move them more. So if I eat right and exercise, and I don’t become a size 4 or whatever, I think I would be fine as long as I’m healthy.

Bottom line: Focus on your Health. Stop stressing over what everybody thinks and what the media says. Looks only go so far.

Katie15 said:

Wow, I just don’t understand people (men to be exact). I am 15, 5’6 and currently 145 lbs. I have lost a total of 29 lbs and still have another 21 to go before I am happy with my body. I wouldn’t call myself fat, and I wouldn’t call myself Skinny either. Can’t someone just be healthy or in between? I think all guys have different preferences when it comes to body type, so do women. But it’s when they start bashing people they think is unattractive that pisses me off. And I am seeing plenty of that now in the comments. If you don’t like overweight girls than don’t look at them, and if you don’t like a bag of bones than don’t look at them! It’s as simple as that.

I wouldn’t want a guy who only cares about my looks, and I also wouldn’t want a guy who is obese either. But I don’t sit there and say “man, he looks like a fat slob. He must eat everything in site’ no because I simply don’t care, and I find everyone beautiful in their own way no matter skinny or big. I myself used to be 170 lbs and considered myself fat, and I was right. But I did something about it because I was so unhappy with my body. True, there are overweight people who can do everything in the power and just not lose weight. But I do see a lot of really overweight people who say ‘oh I wan’t to lose weight so bad, I don’t even know how I got to the weight’ and then they go and order a super sized meal at McDonald’s. Yes, it is very hard to lose weight. Iv’e struggled to keep to my diet, but I still enjoy a fattening meal every once in a while, so I sometimes think some of them don’t try hard enough. I’m not saying all, just some.
And another thing, why do guys assume girls who are skinny are healthier? All my friends were super skinny, and ate more than I did! plus they never participated in P.E and if they did they would just walk the track instead of running it. There are a lot of skinny girls who have a super fast metabolism, and can basically eat anything and everything they want. It’s just stupid to say that if you are skinnier you are healthier, I used to be bulimic and struggled so hard with my weight loss. But now I am doing it the right way by diet and exercise, and I am doing it for myself not for some guy.
And for that doctor who said skinny girls have ‘tighter tubes’ so the sex is better, well I wouldn’t want a guy whose penis I couldn’t feel. Maybe some guys on here have small dicks, and are making up for it being shallow and wanting a smaller girl. My favorite saying is ‘bigger girls can take a bigger pounding’ these guys must not be afraid to break them, because they most likely have a small wee wee. And I know that some (SOME, not all) skinny chicks are not better in bed, It seems that bigger(not obese or badly overweight. Just normal) are better in bed. With some skinny, hotter gals all they expect to do is lay there and look pretty. Sometimes bigger girls do more, and preform more. I’m one of them, (I read a lot of books ;) even though I am still a virgin I am very open about sex.
I just don’t feel that everyone should base things solely on looks, sure we all are visual and that will be what attracts them at first. But I have seen a lot of hot women, who are not smart and very conceited. I’m just saying to guys, you don’t have to date a bigger woman. I would suggest you become friends with one, because you might find you love their personality and enjoy them. I do believe if you get to know someone, they either become uglier or prettier because of their personality. I dated a guy who was really hot, come to find out he is super shallow and a jerk. He started getting less attractive to me, and I also was really good friends with a guy who wasn’t that good looking but he was super sweet and smart and funny. I started to like him, and his looks started to change in my eyes, I actually saw him to be cute, and handsome.
It’s just wrong to judge people, and if you are shallow and only care about looks instead of the mind also. You will likely end up with an Ex-wife who stole all of your money and ran off with the pool boy.

Zachary said:


Men are attracted to thin women, becuase : Thin women are not fat lazy women.
In order to be thin you have to be active. In order to stay thin you have to be healthy.
Sounds like a bunch of Angry Fat Women in here.

tiffany said:

well, i’m blonde, blue eyed and petite.

Maybe you white guys should stop being so full of yourselves. Regardless of what YOU prefer? I, and the majority of my friends don’t really want any of you.

Yes, we date you, play dumb, get your # and your money. But to be honest? we prefer black men. Why? they are far more attractive, have larger penises, and more athletic. They aren’t cowards, and though you may call them thugs, they are far better protection/intimidating. (great protection factor if you’re talking about “evolution”. White men have always been intimidated by them.

So yeah, we’ll take your money, and make you think you’re “all that”? but the moment you leave the house…

Powertoolsculpture said:

The reason is because fat is disgusting. If you want a big ass/big tits then you should be born with it, get hormone treatments and/or work out. If you have a big rack because you’re fat you’re a nasty cow.

Fat people are gross and lazy. And don’t give me this ‘its genetic’ bullshit. If you burn more calories than you take in YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. This is a LAW OF PHYSICS.

Muscular > Skinny > Fat.


Tissa said:

I’m a skinny girl and have been my whole life, my mom’s thin as well. I’m so sick of all the posts about “the bone is for the dog” or when did the icon of beauty (Marilyn) shrink down to some emaciated looking twig? Look, I can’t help it and I’m sorry that you have to work hard on your body and I get to eat like a friggin pig…I really am. But don’t hate, that’s never pretty. Btw Marilyn’s waist was tiny in gentlemen prefer blondes, only her T&A were big. Please stop using her for the spokesperson incarnate for your chub crusade. You don’t look like her anymore than my scrawny ass does. If anything, she’s a happy medium (macabre pun unintended) that everyone can aspire to.

OpenClose said:

So here’s how I see it. The whole western world gets fatter, and instead of putting much focus into overall life habits that keep weight down, we just let ourselves get bigger and bash men for having basically the same tastes they’ve always had.

Like the Monroe comparison:

“Marilyn Monroe used to be hot and she was ‘bigger’”

Last I checked, she still is hot. Guys liked what was bigger than the norm at the time, because most people were thin at the time. Nowadays, guys like what is thinner than the norm. Why? Not because guys’ tastes have particularly changed, but because the norm has gotten bigger. A lot bigger.

How does a guys attraction work? Why are all guys into the same thing?

Well, attraction is all about personal taste: so long as there are no glaring problems. As long as you don’t have any major problems, it becomes entirely up to the guy’s personal taste.

But see… Obesity is a problem. A big problem. 1 in 3 are obese. Many more than that are overweight.

Pre-80′s (maybe earlier), this problem wasn’t so prevalent. People were thin. Or at least, much thinner. So that whole issue was basically out of the way.

Nowadays? It’s not that guys want unnaturally thin girls, it’s that they just want girls who are not fat. Is that such a bad thing? No, so long as they are not fat-bashing.

I mean really. Look at all this. The point was to keep people from being regularly picked on for being overweight. Now we’re to the point where if you happen to like someone thin, you’re considered shallow.

If guys are nice or shy, we’re expected to “shape up and man up” to conform to her expectations. Yet a girl can keep getting bigger and guys are just expected to totally fall for that? Yeah…that’s not a double standard at all…

No wonder everyone seems to think guys are such jerks. Guy not attractive enough? His fault for being weak. Girl not attractive enough? The guy’s fault for being too shallow to fall head-over-heels for EVERYONE.

Here’s my tip: Keep up and about, walking to classes, keeping high energy. Keep your enthusiasm, and keep things in moderation.

This is a problem we need to work together to solve. But lord knows, we could all stand to focus more on what we can control about ourselves, and what we can’t control in others.

Nina said:

As a tall & slim woman ( with big breasts to boot) this shit is lies! Men seem
to like VERY short, very fat, very hairy, huge stomach, flat chested, dark skinned, ugly Mexican girls who are eeeezzzz !!!

Jonas said:

That list is complete BS except maybe #5 to a certain extent. The honest to God truth is that NOTHING is as hot to me as a woman with zero body fat, I would want a skinny chick with acne, glasses, no make -up, small breasts, scraggly hair-hell no hair for that matter!-than a “Big Beautiful Woman”, which is a contradiction in terms.

The thing is, if you think you are more attractive to men like me (probably most men) because you have “a great complexion” or some other laughable nonsense you are just trying to fool yourself into feeling as hot as a thin woman without putting in the work it takes.

The thing is, unlike something like hairloss, which really is something no one can help, almost anyone CAN lose weight it’s just a matter of motivation and willpower, something you aren’t going to have if you have convinced yourself your already hot.

Jonas said:

*I meant #6 on the list, “the protector”, there is an element of truth to that concept.

peter said:

If I am not mistaken, Theories in psychology state that men are hardwired to be attracted to women who are young, fit, skinny but with a narrow waist with hips wider than the waist size. This is because young fit women with good genetics ( aka looks ) would bear offspring with the greatest chance of survival.

Jakii said:

I agree with this article except for the last part. Men who only date skinny girls are simply just attracted to skinny girls. Just like there are guys who only like fat girls. And hell women are for the most part the same. If you arent attracted to them why date them? Truth is whether you are big or little try finding a guy who likes/loves you for you and be sure to care for yourself to the best of your ability. :)

Mihai said:

I am 51 years old man and I will never hide my real existence for try to find a princes to try construct real love with her, and even I am orphan from little chilhood I do not stop to believe in true love who can be created just with woman and man but, if there not exist a princes for me, I can’t judge God or people for do not give my chance for try to construct with her true love. I am ready and I was all the time to not be tired to love for ever because I learn what does mean existence of humankind on this ostile Universe and if people choose to not believe in construct real love it’s with them to believe to live just in liar poesie and just pay taxes toghether’s conditioned by this SYSTEM who stole from all peple real feelings to create energy and to feel live real life with love. Many friends tell me what I am looking for is not real I try to explain to me I will never find a princes for me with this aspect to see what happend arround me on this World. But with this all kindness from my friend’s and with all advice’s from you and from all of the World people I will never stop to believe and do not be tired to encourage my princes to believe in real love even for eternity because I will tell you something, in fact what are we going to do on our life’s and on this Universe, to be just good for pay taxes and to be like Dinosaur’s just another some kind of specie living conditionated by one System life or by one political System to serve them for pay TAXES? I said NO all the time when I feel people hide their pain with this fact. I know, I-m taken like jerk but never stop to believe in what does mean man and woman can be more like just pay taxes but they can give from their true love to this Universe most beatiful’s sentiments and created the best ENERGY of material and imaterial Universe. Maybe, we humans, have just one life each, but I think it’s not enough just simple live and die with out feel we can feel this empty Universe with our love our true love what does mean, a real existence for all thing’s and for ever because our emotion’s it’s flours and existence of true Life in eternity. If I go to forward check your motive of existence life.

smash said:

Actually Peter, men are atracted to young women because they excrete feminine hormones that tell men that they are fertile and ready to bear children, and men are not instinctually attracted to “thin” or “fit” women, men are instinctually atracted to women who have wide hips and some meat on there bones because they are the best choice for reproduction. The reason that men in this generation are so attracted to thin women (not saying all men) is because that is the status quo. “Thin is in” so to say and human beings are social creatures who (sadly) seek the acceptance of their peers and the acceptance of society. On a more personal and less fact based note, people are people and we all deserve some respect and dignity so before you post something maybe you should think about how its going to make the person reading it feel. We all have daily struggles and life is hard enough without us making it harder on each other, just a thought.

beautifulvoluptuousgirl said:

This article is interesting. I am 5′ 3″, 158 pounds. I have a large skeletal frame (its been measured by a doctor) so a normal weight for me would be between 131-147 lbs. I also work out and do weight training. Most people think I look to weigh 140. More importantly, I have a very voluptuous hourglass figure and very beautiful face. Think Kim Kardashian figure. I measure 36-29-41. I have absolutely NO problem getting men. Most people rate me a 9 in attractiveness. I’m working on losing 11 pounds since I feel my thighs are too big, but men caution me not to lose too much weight bc they love my curves. I get attention everywhere I go, and I often date very hot guys and wealthy men as well. I’m half cuban so my body type is rare. My butt is big and guys love to be behind me. ( They only last a minute back there, wink wink;) My point is, its not about my weight, my size 10 clothes, or any other number or measure. If a woman is sexy she’s sexy. It depends how she carries the weight, the look in her eyes, how she dresses her figure, how she dances. If we were all the same exact size life would be boring! Plus whether ur a size 14 or a 0, you can’t expect every guy in the world to want you. No matter how beautiful you are there will always be a few who prefer something else. Be confident and take care of yourself, and if you look good as a size 8 or 10 or even 12 then flaunt it! Xoxo:)

Tom said:

the simple truth is most of the complanining women that want a buff guy are fat. life is simple you get what you are. so i have no issue with fat women, it’s a choice, even those that are morbidly obese and look like a water buffalo, but get real it is because you are gluttons period. just figure that you will likely end up with a fat beer bellied guy of equal girth as it should be. What, you don’t date fat guys…LMAO. see, it is simple. yes, there is always the exception, as everyone has there own attractors, but in the majority, what it says is the truth even if you don’t like it. And oh by the way, both men and women are very easily influenced by the media and what others think so why is bald bad, glasses gross, short sucks, being poor pathetic and low status stupid. Cuz u r not good thinkers at all, you are manipulated by the ourside world and you suffer on account of it. Lastly, the real reason I don’t date fat chicks is they cost too much to feed and in a world of impending collapse and food shortages the only benefit of a fat woman might be if you had to sell her by the pound to feed your children, o/w not a good investment short or long term. Hope you all take this in the humorous vein as intended just to provoke thought not to be degradating one or anything as it is just one persons opinion of dating dilemas.

John Smith said:


Men’s Basic instinct is to spread their seed just like the animal kingdom and woman basic instinct is to is find the best mate who is most supportive and strong 2 protected them and their off spring.
Example: is deer male deer’s will fight over doe the doe will mate with the winner of the fight.
PS. The media does not tell me who I am attracted to I tell me who I am attracted to and healthy woman are what I like.

Michael said:

So, Am I to believe that after hours and hours or working out, watching what I eat so that I can stay in shape and attractive that I should be attracted to someone that doesnt care what they look like?? And you girls call us shallow?!? I mean REALLY!! Pass by Mcdonalds and goto the health bar! Drive past Pizza Hut and stop in at Subway. It really aint that hard once you get started. But you have to put a foot forward! Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and bashing guys that want a woman in better shape. Which if she is in shape and he works to stay in shape there is the first common interest. There ya go!!

Alessia said:

I’m 5’11, 124 lbs, and even I feel fat.

What guys don’t get is that women have different frame sizes from each other. I’m big boned, because my hips are naturally very big.

My measurements are 32-24-35, but my hips are all bone. They’re not going anywhere, and I worry that I’m being judged for that, when in reality, it’s bone.

Life’s not fair. We can’t ALL be tiny. I’ve come to accept being large.

Tiffany said:

OOOOOFTa! I get this article and I suppose for the most part it’s correct, however I have never understood the point of dating a girl that is built like a 12 yr old little boy as most of the skinny girls are , straight up and down, no ass, no hips ,no curves, and if they have tits….almost always fake. I am not A “big” girl but I def. am not 120 lbs…I find my curves attractive and natural. Whats the point of having sex with a skeleton? And whats the point of being with someone who has to wear 5 lbs of makeup to feel pretty….. NEVER HAVE UNDERSTOOD… also….IS it honestly attractive when you see a girl who is dressed like a hooker? Shes practically advertising how slutty she is….why is that considered attractive?? Isnt the chase more fun?

James Hasselhoff said:

Just to help out the opposite gender here, the article is right when it says don’t worry about it, and is right about some of these things but honestly if you are striving for perfection to get someone to be with you out of insecurity based on horrible experiences so far like a lot of us then find whatever’s best for you. I have no idea who I’m attracted to because sometimes I will be attracted to a girl who’s fat or skinny and it’s because based on their type they figured out what makes them hot. Sometimes it’s because a skinny girl gains weight and sometimes it’s the other way around, you can tell when you’re turning heads. Find your physical identity and make it you.

Jenna said:

Wow. People are so judgmental. No one is perfect! I for one only go for nerdy guys. They have the smarts, and the ability. A guy who can carry on a wonderful conversation, get my jokes and truly laugh because he understands the wit of them, and can make jokes of anything to make me laugh by taking my interests into consideration… He will always win my affection. The only physical things that matter to me is a great smile, warm and kind eyes, and I tend to lean towards darker mysterious features. But I like solving puzzles haha! To me it shouldn’t matter so much of specifics, and should go more on a case to case basis. But I’ll reiterate, an intelligent, slightly esoteric, bookish, creative, and interesting man is the sexiest thing I could ever date :)

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