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ralph said:

this is bull shit I’m 40 and for a long time i have Ben looking for a pretty lady and every one runs from me thy don”t even wont to be a friend when i let then no i like them .I’m a ugly man that wont’s a average girl and i will not stop looking for a prity women and if i can’t have the tip of girl I’m looking for thin i well just grow old a lone and sad hating ever thing in life because god made me ugly.

amre said:

Ralph –
Probably because you have horrible grammar and syntax, you can’t spell, & have run on sentences. Probably only high school educated, like camouflage and tube tops, drink PBR and think a night on the town is at the local dive bar. Just by reading this you come off as creepy… STALKER creepy. Probably a little pushy and a lot CLINGY. Girls aren’t into that sort of thing.

Matt said:

LOL I must agree with amre. Your grammar is horrible, at least learn to spell. Furthermore I must say with someone being uneducated and also tells me you probably don’t work or work a low paying job. I am not trying to be mean but its the truth.

Reno Hickison. said:

Where can i find a site to meet a beautiful lady who wants to be with a ugly guy like me..

so very true said:

as a straight good looking man, i can now see why meeting women is hard for me. they will go after the ugliest men that have a lot of money. be careful you men, make sure you are not being used by these filthy no good money hungry women.

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