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I agree with that, being single can be difficult. But I think to live is to choose. In a man’s world for instance, we have singlemen and bachelors. Although all bachelors are single, not all singlemen are bachelors. Bachelors are single by choice and they already know the challenges. On the other hand singlemen ( like the old man you mentioned) have’nt made up their minds on flying solo. Bachelorhood is purely a life of one self. I mean relationship to one self. No attachement. No desire. Nothing. Just him and himself. And the same applies to bachelorretes.

my_name_is_coco said:

while I may tag as third wheel or fifth wheel,I have my own IPod makes me smile,”sings” to me,”read” my favorite books to me,and “shows” me stuff that I want to learn.he is my constant “movie date”.thanks to him,my life is much happier.

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