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anita said:

wow thanks.. i liked number 11 :)

Nikki Taylor said:

that was nicley put never thought about it that way

Tiffany Marie said:

i like number 11 too.
that’s what answer i was looking for.
thanks – it helped ( :

ashley said:

thanks now i can dump him before he can dump me

gina said:

i liked number 11 imma start thinking positives thing noww haha xD

Unknown said:

I would of enjoyed this more if it was short, and down to the point instead of having tons, and tons of reading to do.

Meghan Baxter said:

Ok my boyfriend has been really distant and I have been trying to see if he still cares about me. When we first ment we talked all the time there are thousands of text messages and like 100 hours of talking on the phone every night. But after not seeing him for over 2 weeks and now finally seeing him. He seems as if he is lying or not telling the whole truth on how he feels. I am wondering if it’s his parents that liked me and he just got pressured into dating me. I feel like crap and all I want is the truth I jet need someone to help me????? :’(

Maynard Lee Pritchard said:

I felt like shit when I thought she would dump me so I dumped her instead the best thing that ever happened to me years ago and the best thing that walked back into my life. I wish I could do something but I dont know what or how so I just shut it off and stopped texting and calling just like that why would i do it because people look at me in the church and think Im eveil if I date someone although my gay stupid wife left me dry and high for a woman 10 years ago
I hate her so much for ruining my life

if you see this Star I love you and I always always will remember what i said and how i held you and kissed you and the kisses you returned were magical
i wish i knew what to do im tired of being sad and miserable and alone you were the best thing i ever had

mallory said:

number 11 really put my relationship into perspective. so my boyfriend wants to go to a party….we’re in college! he has that right. i see him more than his friends do in total and it is only fair to him to be able to spend time with other important people in his life as well. i’ve been too paranoid about this new school year before it even started. time to back up…he’s enjoying himself and that should make me happy! i’m glad he’s got a smile on his face right now…probably…and that he’s having a good time with his roomate. it’s time for me to stop being a paranoid girl.
i’m in love….and that’s all there is to it. i know he loves me back. (:

Sassha Ang said:

I came here thinking to find some answers to all these small little doubts i had between my relationship with my long distance boyfriend until i reach point number 11.

Supposed i am just thinking too much. Even if my intuition proved to be wrong, i should at least have more faith in myself.

I knew he is under alot of stress at work and perhaps having a little time being on his own is his own way of dealing with it and spreading my negative vibes to him might just make everything worse. If things is never meant to be, there really isn’t much we can do to change it therefore we might as well just sit back and enjoy the remaining of the journey together.

Kendra! said:

My bf is trying to be an amazing bf,but Im not trying to be an amazing gf. (which idk why) Im new at this relationship thing and I just dont know how to keep it going great. Soo….Im prettysure he wants to end us. (I would) Thanks for the signs btw! :D

Tom said:

Are you 12? . this is the dumbest article ive ever seen seen meant for desperate impressionable teenagers.

trouble said:

These are very true. I just had someone break up with me and his behavior towards me had definitely, noticeably changed. Not as affectionate as normal, more distant, and generally just not as sweet. He also became a little more critical of me. It happened extremely fast – over the course of 2 dates – so I was n’t sure what to make of it at first. I thought maybe he had a problem with “us”, or possibly he was just in a bad mood/stressed. Anyway, I didn’t jump to conclusions. But when I got the text stating he wanted to talk to me in person, I knew what was up. At least he had the respect for me to have a conversation and the break up is probably for the better. However, the points made in the article above definitely ring true.

Sky said:

My first boyfriend just ended our 2 month relationship. Even though it wasn’t long the breakup was pretty painful when he told me he just wanted to be friends. He told me that his grandmother was really sick and he couldn’t feel anything for anyone right now. He said that he loved me but that he just wanted to be friends. I was so confused. The next day after the breakup i was really mad because i didn’t fully understand why he was doing this. So many thoughts were running through my mind. Did he hate me? Was he in love with someone else? etc. i threw away everything he gave me and i cried for days. I tried everything to get him out of my mind but I just kept wondering back to thinking about him. Yes i will admit i am still in love with him even though he treated me pretty badly throughout most of our relationship and the very last words he said to me was screw you.
I don’t know if I should contact him as a friend or just forget about it. Will he come back or will he just forget about me. I am so tempted to pick up my phone and text him but at the same time i want nothing to do with him. Even when my phone is off and away I find it, turn it on, and wonder if he will text me or should i text him. I am pretty much a mess and I don’t know what to do.

princess said:

Ever since we started spending to much time together he’s with this obsession of his cell phone he can’t be with out it we can’t even have a conversation like we used to I think there is something wrong he can’t live with out his phone an I’m pregnant it worries me.please someone?. thanks

aj said:

To Sky:

First off,

NEVER EVER TEXT OR Call the guy first- especially if he just broke up with you. If he wants you back and is interested enough in you, HE will let you know. Let the guy be the chaser… not you. I think women tend to forget how valuable we are and that we tend to try to prove to the guy that we are worth it by doing his role…. Chasing him. NOPE! Right now, (if he has not responded back to you yet), you need to remain busy and hang out with family and friends who KNOW you and LOVE you..

Prayin for all you valuable girls!! :)

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