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Jennifer said:

I second that! Absolutely amazing and wonderfully put together. I’m also a witty, rather good looking, young professional woman using an online program for dating (Match). I can definitely relate with the many issues mentioned above. LOL, it’s certainly nice to know I’m not the only one going through these many trials of life. Geeze, I thought my dates were terrible but these stories are outright disastrous. Poor thing!

Cheers to being SINGLE!

Karen said: can be equivalent to walking into a local bar on a Friday night.

Think of the lyrics to Toby Keith’s “I love this bar” song. Pretty much sums it up right there.
Yahoo Personals

all pretty much fall into the same category. It’s not that they are bad dating sites, in fact I have met several people who have gotten married after meeting on My personal opinion (yes, I have almost 7 year of experience being an on again/off again member of is that Match is more a casual dating site. People aren’t looking to get married right off the bat, but rather to date each other and see where it goes from there.

There are other “high end” online dating sites out there like eHarmony and that cater to people who are seriously looking for the love of their life/etc. If you are looking for a booty call or one night stand you are only wasting your money on eHarmony and Chemistry. Those people are serious about finding the love of their lives. (no comment as to how I know this).

Then again my little brother told me the following when he was a member of eHarmony:

“On average, it took me no more than 3 days to get laid with the girls I dated off eHarmony”.

Then again….my brother considers himself somewhat of a ladies man, he is good looking and an attorney so…..typical scumbag. :P

Mike said:

All of these are great reasons not to call a guy back, save number 8. Some women just look for reasons not to see a guy. This is taking it over board.

gnorimies said:

Ummm Bro, if you was like gunna come to me with that kinda language on the first date…..bro, you had better prepare for the shortest date in your life cuz I’m fixin’ to bail on your sorry no-grammar-having a$$. Yes it is a shit

Rick said:

These are very good reasons, but if you ask me, the number one reason is really chemistry combined with physical attraction. You kind of play it down as if it’s not that important, but my own experience is no matter how much you make her laugh or how engaging the conversation may be, she will throw you into “friend” territory unless the chemistry and attraction are there. The rest of the stuff, like showing up on time or use of language, becomes secondary if chemistry is there.

Jace said:

I can see why you had to write this, but some things do seem a tad extreme. I’m usually a kinder man, but I often say little things like ‘dude’ or ’cause’, and most sane individuals think nothing of it. This may be because of my age, but honestly I believe that may be one of your pet-peeves. I also must say that it seems like you simply choose your men poorly if you put up with so much on a regular basis. I’m sure you’re not a ‘perfect-little-angel-sunshine’ either, so if a man isn’t ‘Prince-awesome-charming-millionaire-gentleman’ why should you slice his head off and put it on a stick? Anyways, I think overall it is a fine article that will help some helpless “bros fix-up their datin’ skills”.

A Chic said:

So I’ve never had problem with guys and my IQ is above 130…. I’m really not seeing how any of these things matter outside of being late ( unless he called ). This list is very superficial and borderline co-dependent. It appears as if you need someones teeth to be straight or for someone to use proper English in order for them to be worthy of your affection. If you need someone to be anything other than loving, kind, respectful, and trustworthy then I would suggest some inner reflection to see what’s lacking in your own life or character. You are the love you seek. I’m from Cali so peace out chic. Oh and hey Mike and Rick….dudes thanks for your input….it’s so awesome to get a dudes take.

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