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Swangel said:

My name is Swangel and I want a woman
who’s ready to settle down and live faithfully
and to grow old with a real man who’ll hold
you down and love you unconditionally.

Karen said:

How many years of “plow experience” must she have?

Regarding this “holding you down” part….does this mean I should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Oh lordy !! The world is such a big place, I’m so grateful for a big strong man like you to save me from teh evils of the world !

At what time shall your supper be ready, master?

Marilyn Peterson said:

I hope that i can enjoy having someone back in my life again either as a friend or to keep me company as i have been a single parent for sometime and do hope that maybe i can get a great start with your program.

Marilyn Peterson said:

I do hope there is no charge to get started in joining your program. Thanks for giving me a chance to maybe have someone back in my life again.

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