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Karen said:

“If at first you don’t succeed,
try try again.” – Unknown

Paul said:

The quote “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” is from Gloria Steinem.

Dominique Carter said:

I’ve been chasing relationships all my life..and Im tired of being single.

Jolie B. said:

The men on this website acting like children in a candy Store… They would like to “Taste every candy’s in the store…

danielle nicole said:

Hey well not to be mean or anything i was hoping for something for kids and NOT adults(:??But if i was a adult then i would get one for my myspace(:??

kayla said:

i’d rather be single then be with someone, why keep getting hurt and lied to? there the one’s missing out on great person…just live your life and be happy cuz one day when your not looking he or she will come running after you..-

Mature said:

This quote “Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night” has made me think a lot, but I will never ever be so desperate in order to became bisexual

heidsinmaine said:

10. “Live to love, not love to live.” – Anonymous

11. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

I love that these two quotes were listed together. Obviously Aristotle never got burned by someone he(?) loved completely. I have, and I think Sharon Stone has a winning quote.

29. “Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships.” – Sharon Stone

I never faked anything.

jenny a. said:

a heart is easily boken man’s are jus pigsZ

Madeline Rivera said:

After my relationship with my husband ended I felt like a failure, but I’m trying to keep in mind the following: “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Henry Ford

-tonyang said:

singleness is a BLESSING:)

Karen said:

I think that depends on where you are in life…

angela said:

gosh!!! i give up on love. Been chasing this guy who doesn’t appreciate me.. except in bed. :( wonder if i’ll ever find that one person..


aleurre said:

Men are like accessories. It’s nice to have them but not really needed.

Savannah said:

If I have learned anything.. It’s that no relationship is going to really trully work out unless its in God’s Will.
He has one person out there for each of us..
I have been broken and torn into millions of peices, but God never lets the cut go deep. He healed my broken heart and forgives all sins!
He is an awesome God, and the only man I need in my life until he sends me my one and only soul mate!
God Bless Everyone!

Gwen said:

I’d rather be single and somewhat happy, rather than married miserably to the wrong man.

karuma said:

when i thought that i’ve already found the man to live with the rest of my life,,,, he disappear and left me with no words..i know there’s someone out there waiting what if we dont bump to each other…should i still wait for him…or just accept the fact that no one will love me…..

Krisleigh said:

My favorite is from Marilyn Monroe- It’s better to be unhappy alone, than unhappy with someone..

Karen said:

Nice one !

Anonymous said:

“Just be yourself and stop looking and just have fun… and one day when you least expected it the person of your dreams will be right in front of you”

Angela said:

A man without a woman is a bachelor. A woman without a man is a genius. -Anonymous

Kaila Stone said:

“I believe husbands should be like kleenex… soft, strong, and disposable.” Mrs. White, “Clue”

Ammarah Zarreen said:

*I don’t need a heart of man to love me but a heart of a human.* — Ammarah Zarreen

Sandi said:

Men fail to realize that a woman can give more away in 1 week’s times than a man can go out and pick up in 6 months if she chooses. We are sitting on the gold mine….not them!

Britt said:

I like this guy. He’s all i think about..But he goes out with another girl. He’s had alot of dating troubles. The girls always hurt him. And it hurts me when they do. I dont know what to do. Advice?

Lee said:

I have gone out with so many guys its giving me a headache! Ive pretty much given up on the hopes of ever finding “the one”. my mom used to say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince? well i have kissed way too many frogs in my lifetime and have yet to find my prince…beginning to think he just doesnt exist! It is what it is i guess (sigh) single forever

Deena said:

I’ve dated a lot of guys , but never been kissed , there’s something about this one , we are not really together and we’re not apart either , i really like him and hanging out with him , but every time we go out he really likes hugging and getting really really close , and being in awkward positions and i don’t really like that , he told me i love you but I’ve only known him for a couple of months now , and i don’t really feel comfortable being with him and i feel like i can do so much better , what do you think ?

Carina said:

For all the women out there that are single and looking for “Mr. Right” or “The one” or your “soul mate”, trust me when I say that when you are going out there and searching and thinking about every man that you meet as a potential.. it won’t work. He will come to you when you least expect and when you are not looking. For example, my first boyfriend was a boy that I knew when I was 5 years old and hadn’t seen in 12 years, and then one day he adds me on facebook and is asking me out. It lasted a year and a half, and then I was devastated when it ended. I spent 6 months looking for someone else to fill that “hole” that I felt inside me. Eventually I gave up and stopped looking, and shortly after I got a phone call from a coworker wanting to set me up with her cousin, completely unexpected!! Every relationship that does not work out is a learning experience, and it helps you figure out what you really want in a guy. Do not settle for less. Have standards. You are worth more than you think, and I believe that it’s better to be alone or to date instead of getting serious so that you will know what you want. And when that guy finally comes along it will be worth the 1, 2, 5, or 10 year wait. Just enjoy being single. Stop looking so hard. He will come to you when the time is right. But patience is a virtue.

aaron said:

#20 is a line from a U2 song. “Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World”

Lynne said:

it’s a universal problem. I was in a relationship for 16yrs and have been alone now for 3.
Im still waiting……

James said:

The first thing I noticed when I thought about writing this comment was at the amount of women who have posted before me and the amount of men who have not. I just have to say this: These quotes don’t help at all; nor do any of the quotes about being alone and lonely from other websites. The thing is that I have been alone my whole life. I’m only a freshman in college, but I spent from 6th grade until now with very limited friends. I’ve dated one girl in my entire life. My “best” friends haven’t even attempted to talk to me for over a month. I’m honestly about to give up and realize that I am destined to be alone. I am going to graduate from college and have a nice house, a nice car, a good job, and any other material thing I desire, but what is the use since I will be alone? I will have no one to share any of this with. The only reason this troubles me is that I don’t understand why. I am not a bad looking person and I think I have a great personality. I go to a great college for engineering and although I am quiet and shy, I love it when people want to talk to me (That rarely happens.) I have been in college for 2 months now and I don’t have any friends. I have class with 500 students in my general chemistry class and not one person even wants to sit beside of me. I live off-campus with my aunt. I drive from her house to my classes and back. During the time, no one attempts to talk to me. I try, but they ignore me. I go back to my aunts and I am ignored there as well. I have every other day off from college and I spend that day doing homework at my aunt’s house. No one ever invites me to go places with them. Maybe like I said earlier in this comment, I am destined to be lonely.

If anyone wants to just talk, feel free to send me an e-mail. Nothing would be better than to find someone to talk to who can relate to how I feel on a daily basis. It sucks knowing that I am a good person, but no one will take the time to get to know me. I really wish I knew why so I could change it.

Mynor Alexander said:

I liked the way you looked at me that night…I tryd hard to be smooth…
but my words didnt come out right…i was stumbling…i was stutering…i dont know y… im usually fly
it most of been the thought of u and i…that made me feel so good inside…

Dorothy Cadet said:

love those quotes……… really inspiring

ana said:

really nice quotes….I have exactly a friend like james so I was touch by what he said…It’s hard being shy but in time … you will get to have self-confidence and everything will work for you:)

simple said:

i don’t know, but it should, being a single you should be careful to find someone, before you will give your heart to him/her.

Jessica said:

And the only response that I have been able to come up with is “your guess is as good as mine”.

Jessica said:

Umm, I’ve never never actually commented on one of these things before, but when I read what James wrote…I was astonished, and I felt the need to comment also. I was really surprised because the whole time that I was read his words one thing kept running through my head, “that’s me, that’s me, that’s me”.Well….all of it accept for the friend’s part.
My only relationship was in the 7th grade for 7 months, then he moved away.
Everyone has always told me how pretty I am and they all ask me why It Is that I don’t have a boyfriend, but the only response that I can seem to come up with is that, your guess is as good as mine.

Matt said:


Your describing me too James.

I’m single, 27. Never ever had a girlfriend. I have countless friends who are girls, but I rarely talk to them. I feel out of place in this world. Alone. The loneliness knaws at your soul like a dog on a bone.

All my girl “friends” tell me I am attractive and that I am going to make someone an amazing husband someday, but know one ever gives me a chance. I have to be the boyfriend before the husband.

I have heard every excuse in the book from I am too good for them to the famous ” just want to be friends” to the one I always respect, “I’m taken.”

To the one from my best friend, I’m gonna be your wife someday, but I want to get my life together first. I respect that. (I don’t really take her serious, although I am interested). I just think I am always the backup guy. From one girl to the next. Maybe that’s why my name is matt, cause sometimes I feel as a mat, just walked all over, unintentionally used, and thrown out.

A quote that sums me up is:

I’m always behind the scenes, always here…never the star.
I’m always the friend…never the guy.

Stephanie said:

To James and Everyone else hurting,

I know exactally how you feel. I am 25 , have my own house, a great job and am a pretty girl (or so I have been told) But yet I cant find “the one”. I have had 3 pretty serious relationships but they have all ended badly. Its funny to me because I try so hard not to play games like other girls tell me, I try always just to be me . I keep my heart totally open as well but this normally ends in me getting hurt or just used. Yet I am still keeping faith in the fact that there has to be someone out there somewhere for me. I was in a really bad car accident when I was 15 and swore from then on that there must be some purpose for me being here. So what I am saying through all the lines…is keep faith. I fell apart today, but I sucked it up wiped back the tears, turned some music on and told myself that one day …this will all be over. So chin up and you can always email me or fb me if you like. Afterall, we singles can be a team.

Karen said:

Hi Stephanie,

I removed your email address prior to approving this comment. Reason being is that I don’t want you to get flooded by a ton of emails because this website is very popular, and I have no control over who visits. You seem like a nice girl so if you want, message me and you can set up a fake email address then I will go ahead and let you post it. Otherwise, not a good idea…this is just for security reasons.

Kathryn said:

James and Matt – i feel ya there! Im typing from my iphone so plz excuse my grammar and punctuation.

Im 27. Just graduated with my BA and now working towards my MS. Through the years, i felt like i had everything that u work for in life and dream about growing up. I have a good job, college education, my own home, good car, etc etc. The one thing i was missing was a companion. I felt very lonely for months thinking that was the last piece of the puzzle i was missing. Nope. Wronggggg. In a sense, u have to love urself before u love others. Along with when ur not looking, the right person will come along. Ive been single for over 3 yrs now and just now realizing that im happier being single than in a relationship. I love my space and flirting. Im no dog either.. Ive been told plenty of times im very attractive or gorgeous. Lifes too short to worry about settling down before u r 30. Your 20s r ur best yrs. Women change a few times in life. One of my first turning pts was when i was 23. I started to realize what i wanted. Now, im working towards those goals. Even though i feel like i have everything, im still going to put love on the backburner until im done with school. And yes, i too have kissed way too many frogs. One of the problems i have is not having the friends to talk to. I constantly feel like im a nut bc others dont understand what im talking about or they just sit there and listen. Im a communicator n feel the need for others to communicate. I think a lot of people r afraid to or feel like its easier to ignore whats going on n just let it blow up down the road.

Just remember, everything happens for a reason; good or bad. Its all a learning experience to help u grow and mature. Yes, u will go through a lot of heartache, frustrations, and feel like the end of the world is coming, but its not. It will be okay. Enjoy life while u can. I have seen too many people settle down in their 20s and end up in divorce or some domestic altercation bc they thought it was the right decision. Im all for love, but u have to put yourself first. Finish school, work towards starting a new career, or even finish some life goals/dreams… Like traveling! Obviously u can do it with someone special, but its a lot more fun when u have ur freedom. I think i will have a harder time getting back in the saddle than anything, but the right person at the right time will come along.

mhel said:

no man has the right to make me unhappy! who are they, by the way???? when they let go of me, they really did a biggest mistake! it’s not my loss after all! it;s theirs!

Joseph said:

I loved these quotes. Here’s one that we all should remember: “Being single isn’t bad. What is bad is giving up hope on finding that someone special.”

I used to hurry up in finding someone, now I am in a state where it is okay to be single. This way, when I spot the right woman I can jump on her immediately. :)

Vince said:

Some of you women need to really look closely at yourselves before blaming men. If you keep gettin dumped, cheated on, or just cant find the right guy, maybe its not the whole male race to blame. Maybe its you. Have you told your man that youve had a lot of partners? big mistake — we dont want to marry a woman who has slept around. have you given up sex with him too quickly? huge mistake — we think you do that with every guy. Men will date a promiscuous girl, but we want to marry a good girl. Are you overweight? lose weight. we love women who take care of themselves. wear too much make-up? we hate that. whats wrong with your real face? do you talk too much? shut up n listen sometimes. my point is, maybe the problem is you. fix yourself! ask a friend to honestly tell u your faults, and fix them! if you have the guts, look at yourself closely n change.

gerald said:

love is not meant to make our lives perfect but it makes our lives to b more worth living when it seems to be not.

mags said:

To gerald:
That is actually the worst advice I have ever heard. Why should someone change themselves to be liked by someone and treated well by them? There is someone out there that won’t be as superfical and will love and care for the person no matter what. And the male race is shady. There is someone out there that will accept you for you, and as long as you love yourself you sure as hell don’t need to change for anyone for them to like u. Cause if u need to change for them they dontttt deserve you at all. So to all the ladies, there’s a man out there that will love you for you, make you feel like your on top of the world and make you feel very secure. I just got out of a 6 year relationship where I was holding on because this was the guy I was marrying, when we were happy it was fantastic, but we fought too much he lied, he was shady, I kept forgiving and forgiving he always had something to say some way to turn it on me and then he told me I needed to change because he does it because of me. But then I realised, he made me insecure he made me feel like he’s the only one out there for me and that I’ll never do better then him. Its been 2 weeks now, I am going on vacation in 3 days and I’ve never been happier. If you can learn to love yourself and be slightly narcissistic it builds your confidence and you eventually will learn to not settle by taking pride in yourself, being picky and patient. Being single is the best time we have to live for ourselves. Its tough, u want that one person to share everything with and spend time with and connect with but everyone has their time for a reason, your going to meet the person when you are ready, when emotionally you are stable and can handle the relationship on a healthy level. My advice is to love yourself, don’t change you for anyone (unless its bad habits which are deteriorating your health) and always live for today not tomorrow

Nicole said:

Im 21. single. in medical school. i’ve had ONE bf. in 9th grade, for like 4 months. always the friend… never the girlfriend. it’s a horrible feeling having strong feelings for someone, that leads you on & yet wont officially date you because he/she has a gf/bf. I love how much i can relate to most of you & reading some of your stories give me hope. I told a guy (that ive known for 2 years), how i felt. His response… he had a gf but wanted to be “friends with benefits”. I told him no because when i give my heart out, i give it out to ONE guy & ONE guy only. & i expect the same. About a year down the line, actually about a week ago… i asked him why i was never considered “girlfriend material”. His response… “guys dont want to settle. thats what you want. we want to be wild & date around & have fun!!” So apparently i just want to settle down & guys dont want to. Wow, that doesn’t give me much to look forward to; but i’m not giving up. I will admit, i HATE being single. alone. But i honestly know i have be happy with myself before i can be happy with anyone else. I’m gonna worry about finishing schooling first & get my life together, before i let someone in.

All i can say… KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.

Aitchie said:

Ok, have just come across this website by fluke and this is the first time i have desired to comment on one. Well a first for everything!

Here’s a couple of quotes for your site Karen, which have inspired me and not to lose faith, because that’s the first thing that goes after a relationship.

“Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it didn’t work out with anyone else.” M. Munroe

“No bodody can hurt me without my permisson” – M. Ghandi

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance” – O Wilde

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we are not alone”- O Wells

Lots of Love to you all,

missy said:

am not alone reading all this messages..

Old Guy said:

Here’s the deal for you guys. Women are crazy. Period. It’s just a matter of degrees. If you are younger, you dont have a chance unless you have money, looks, a body, a great car, and willing to blow it all on her. Just to get laid, much less try and have a relationship. If you’re older, alot of the same things apply, the standards just loosen up a bit, but you’re still not going to find someone that fits the ideals in your head. Women have these pictures in their head of how things are supposed to be, and when real life doesnt work out that way, it’s YOUR fault. Look at what society does to women from the time they are little girls. Look at a newsstand…Bride, Bride,Bride, Bride….Car and Driver, Guns and Ammo. Have you ever seen a magazine called Groom? Hell no. And you wont. Crazy. I was married for 20 years to an ice queen, single for 3 years and just ended a 9 year relationship with a very nice woman with the exception, like Dylan said” I gave her my heart, but she wanted my soul”. Crazy. If you’re a slut, then don’t expect to find a decent guy. If you’re a prude, dont expect to keep one. I’m 55 now. Worked hard my whole life, raised two great sons. And let me tell you, now I am ALONE. Looks like I’m gonna stay that way. Sucks.

Lawrence said:

I was just looking for some quotes about singles then found this page..all i can say is lets all be positive and something good will happen even if that takes positive.

Mahmud said:

well, this site is really interesting…it’s so crazy that we are all from different parts of the world but, our problems are same…yes I’m also a single…Lately I was thinking y i’m still single,y?…then i googled for some inspirational quotes for singles like us…then I got this site…i gotta say reading all of ur comments gave me hope…:).
I am really tired of trying…i don’t know y it’s so difficult..n y only the guys have to take the first step…i wish i could read girls’ minds…so that I would get an idea of how she is feeling about me…I know good thing takes time…but being patient is sooo hard…(sigh).
But I believe Almighty is kept me single for someone special…maybe that special girl also thinking what’s wrong with her.

Israr said:

Being single a blessing, but this blessing leads to frustration…….. so better get married

Bethany said:

My favorite quote when I start thinking that no one seems to be the “right one” comes from a song by Fairground Attraction “Perfect”

“It’s got to be, Perfect
It’s got to be, Worth it
Too many people take second best,
But I won’t take anything less.
It’s got to be, yeah

Pavan said:

Girls are like underware if its on its better and if its off its best…..;)

Casey Bookman said:

I have been a daughter, I have been a wife, and I have been a mother. I love just being me. I love being able to do what I want, when I want, with who I want, where I want, and just because I want to. I love being single and free.

Daniel said:

A good relationship is 50% finding the right person, and 50%…being the right person!

Marissa said:

Patience is what a single man or woman needs. I’ve been single for a long time. When I was in college I never got into a relationship, I was so focus with my studies but sometimes I feel lonely too like everybody else. I graduated from college last 2009 and few months later I met someone on the internet and fell in love with him. I took the Nursing Board Exam that year and I didn’t make it. February 2010 we broke up, after few days I got the chance to visit my cousin in the Middle East and got a job there. It helped me a lot to forget the man I loved. When I came back home I took the exam again and I finally passed it. For me, it’s true that “When one door closes another door open.” And it’s also true that everything happens for a reason. I think God only wants me to focus with Him first and He wants me to trust Him because when I was in abroad I joined a Christian Life Program called Singles For Christ. I started reading inspirational books too. My parents told me that I can get married anytime, I am 23 years old now single and never been kissed but like what I always tell to other people that I am just right here sitting pretty and ready to be found. (^_^)

D person u luvd said:

U r realy gud…u knw..may b 4 u..God is stil busy writing d bst luv story..

cristina said:

doesn’t mean im lonely when im alone…and dont fall for a guy just because you thought that he have time for you unlike anyone you had before….just dont make your life miserable because of them,if he really wants you,he can wait and if he dont then hes not worht anything…

MEGAN said:

I rather be single to me its more peacful and you can do so much in your life tahn god im single yay!

eira said:

i read all th0se c0mments and qu0tes here… being l0nely single m0m,yes i am, i d0nt deny it…n0w i realized n0t to be in a hurry to find or lo0k 4 s0me1 to be with. Why? C0z i still believe that time will come for the right time and for the right man…its n0rmal f0r us to feel l0neliness…yet, i have kids to pri0ritize first..

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