– Free to View the People Who Viewed Your Profile is allowing all non-paid members to see who has viewed their profile for free. This feature is usually reserved for paying members to If you aren’t a member, log into your Match account and click the “who viewed me”. If you were a prior member of or just had one of their free accounts and were thinking of signing up for an online dating site, you can check first to see who is checking you out. If someone has viewed your profile, there is a greater chance that they would be open to further communication than someone who hasn’t.

Honestly, this isn’t that great of a promotion….reason being that if you haven’t been active on your account (non-paying) chances are that nobody has viewed your profile. I know when I’m running a search on Match, I only search for people who have been active in the past week. Otherwise, chances are that they are either dating someone or completely gave up on their profile.

A much better promotion is the 3 day free trial provided by the following link:

3 days is more than enough time to search the profiles on to see if you find anyone worth talking to. Coupled with the fact that just purchased a few smaller online dating sites, the pool of available daters on Match is greater than ever. If you decide to try out the 3 day free trial, here’s a tip:

Don’t send any winks.

Generally speaking, winks are either ignored or looked down upon. In my experience, when I winked at someone on Match, it took the 4-5 days longer to respond to me, than it did with a short personalized email. If you are new to online dating, it’s really easy to send the first email. Read the profile of the person that you are interested in and pull one or two things that are unique. Send them an email and make a comment (either question or funny comment) about that one or two things. Don’t give your life story in the first email and whatever you do, do not come off as if you are desperate to talk to someone. Keep the first email short and sweet and chances are if they are interested, they will email you back within a few hours (assuming they can get online at work or wherever they are).

Good luck !