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Tom said:

I am 53 (divorced dad with custody of 12 year old son) and before reading your article I felt like I was experiencing Murphy’s law first hand. I have not received any responses from the 15+ emails that I have sent out. Was it me or because my son lives with me which someone has elegantly coined the phrase ‘baggage’? I have searched the ‘web’ for online dating help and I have never been so overwhelmed with information in my life and this is saying a lot since I am a Independent Computer Consultant. Everyone has an opinion which on the outside sort of makes sense but very few give or share examples like your have. Thank you for your playful insight and I know have your article favored on my browser toolbar so I can get to it with but one click of the mouse.
Thank you

Karen said:

If you guys want more “how to” and “advice” articles for single moms and dads, don’t hesitate to let me know.

My sister is a single mom and one of my best friends of 15 years is a single dad. They both have agreed to lend me their expertise for any future “single mom or single dad” dating and advice articles.

I just wasn’t sure if anyone was interested.

Speak up and ask and ye shall receive, people !!


arif said:

Hi Karen

My name is arif, im a 32 yr old single dad from australia. I just stumbled upon this site, as I was looking for some advise on writing an email on an online dating site. Ive been writing to single mums only, but Im not really getting anywhere at all. Ive written 5 emails so far, and havent gotten 1 response yet (Im sure its something that Im doing). Would you have any advise for me? Anything would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance

Karen said:

Hi Arif,

Your best bet to find help (for any online dating or relationship questions) is to use our online dating advice forums. It will take you only a few seconds to sign up and then you can take advantage of the collective wisdom of our members.

Laura said:

I find its hard to really believe in these emails.
I find anyone can write up anything to make them selfs look amazing..
The only real benefit is when you see the person only talking about them selfs.. and any negative aspects.. its a clear sing to stay away!!

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