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Karen said:

Thanks !! I have been searching for an Eharmony promo code for the past few weeks. Just signed up for the 3 month membership via the “Registration” link.

Good luck to you !!

- K

Dee said:

Thanks for the eharmony promotional code.

Signed up last week and they have been sending me about 20 matches per day. My first date is tonight !!

Kim said:

My younger sister married the man she met off eHarmony. They dated for about 2 years then he popped the question. Thanks for the promo codes as in this economy nothing is cheap anymore.

B.C. said:

Thanks ! I was originally going to sign up for PerfectMatch but after seeing these discounts decided to give eharmony a shot.

KimC. said:

Thank you, eharmony promotional code worked perfectly. Here’s hoping that I meet someone in time for the holidays :)

Stevie said:

thank you, works perfectly.

LuLu said:

Not to brag or gloat…but I signed up for eHarmony using one of the eharmony promotional codes (6 mos. subscription) and as of last week, I am engaged to be married !!


Dan said:

When do these eharmony codes expire?

Pnoy said:

Thanks for the eharmony promotional code !

Worked perfectly (signed up for 6 mos.). Here’s hoping I meet the woman of my dreams !

Kayla said:

I just signed up for eHarmony. How often do they give out these promotional code?

Kara said:

Heads up everyone ! Eharmony is having their free communication weekend this weekend.

Joy said:

How do you get the free weekend to work? Can you see pictures with it? I am not seeing any pics – do you have to sign up for a membership first to get the freebie??? Thank you!

Karen said:

Hey Joy,

Here is how you get the free comm. weekend for eHarmony to work:

1. Goto the Registration page.

2. Fill out the eHarmony personality profile. Everyone who is on eHarmony has to fill out one. It is a basic multiple choice quiz that asks you a few questions about yourself.

3. After you are done, eHarmony analyzes your personality (instantly) and then presents to you a “personality report”. It basically shows you the type of personality you have and gives you a great view of how you are.

4. You are then shown other eHarmony members whom you are most compatible with.

5. You can then use the eHarmony free communication weekend to communicate !

You do not have to sign up for a membership to use the eHarmony free comm. weekend, and no credit card is required. This is why I tell everyone to check it out. There is nothing to lose, and you get a free personality profile about yourself that you can use to your benefit (in real life).

Tim said:

I can confirm that I am getting more matches now on eHarmony than I was early in September. I went out on 2 dates this week and the women to me seemed like they wanted to hang out a lot during the next few weeks.

Jennifer said:

I was on E-Harmony in 2008 and met a great guy and dated him for a year. Sadly he decided to move away. I’ve tried other site since but haven’t had any luck so I will sign up for a new mbrship soon. I would say the quality of people you meet on E-Harmony is better than Yahoo or Match. You still have to go through the meeting process because what you see on the computer isn’t the same as in person. But definitely less frustrations than just dating someone you don’t kow if you match or not.

Chris said:

I’m doing the free 5 days. Are there any promo codes we can use now?

stef said:

I have never tried this website. Has anyone used it? And how much is it?

Brya said:

I am about to sign up for 1 month of eharmony tomorrow to give it a trial.
My sis and I tried the free communication weekend, we didn’t get past the 2nd stage but it seemed interesting sooo…..
hopefully i’ll start meeting people within the 1 month, if I see any improvement I’ll renew

marge said:

I signed up 1 week ago and have gone out on 2 dates. So far so good !

Rosemary said:

I will sign up right now on e-harmony. Thanks for all the insight. I am a 48 year old single mom of a bright 11 year old girl. Been a long time comin…good luck to all of you too Hero,
Prince, Love here I am

K said:

I tried eHarmony at the end of October – I met someone really amazing, like I mean — really amazing. He flew me out to see him, he came to see me, we had this amazing ‘thing’ going on. And then one day –after I’d met his family and all his friends and let him into my world… he stopped speaking to me randomly. No warning, just decided he couldn’t give me what I was looking for.

So be careful. If he/she sounds too good to be true, they probably are.

Karen said:

K -

I don’t know the particulars but could I nicely give you my own .02?

Could there have been any possibility that you might have had your “blinders” on the entire time? Perhaps you were so caught up in the “amazingness” that your natural instincts failed to pick up on something?

Scientists have done some studies on the human brain while two people are in love….and they reported that the human brain reacts and exhibits the exact same patterns as you do when you are drunk.

Love, or the premise of it is very powerful.

The good news is that you did find someone on eHarmony who you thought you were compatible with. If you are still single the only thing you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on eHarmony and try again. Now you are wiser for the wear.

79925 said:

So what about the free weekend for their other website, compatible partners? This is affiliated with EHarmony.

Karen said:

Not to my knowledge.

Compatible Partners does run their own promos so you might want to keep tabs on their home page.

Chad said:

I took the plunge and I signed up for eHarmony 4 days ago. So far I am at stage 3 communication with 3 women and stage 4 with another woman. Plus everyday I get more QUAILITY matches…women that I would actually consider going out on a date with. This is great!The quality of matches are far better than Match or Yahoo. So far eHarmony rocks! Thanks for the promo code!

Deb said:

I used another code found some other “unofficial eharmony review” site and eHarmony charged my card for the full membership price. They told me that I would be getting a huge discount, but all I got was grief and aggravation.

When I called eHarmony I was told that the code had not been explicitly authorized to use by the general public. They suggested if I wanted to use an eHarmony code, to find a site like this with authorized promo codes.

Getting really tired of these spammer sites out there that are giving out eharmony codes that cause trouble with my credit card.

Thanks for the 6 month code !!

Peenoi said:


First off I want to say that I am simply titillated that you are providing hilarious dating advice on this site. I have never seen a dating and relationship advice site that attempts (successfully, I might add) to poke a little fun at the foibles of life. Your “top 10 reasons a guy never calls a girl back” article had me dancing around like Richard Simmons, throwing confetti in the air like Rip Taylor !

OnlineDatingMatches is like the Jackson Pollock of the dating advice world. In fact, I’m opening a museum and putting you in it, there I said it !!
Someone send me out to sea! Haha, I’m terrible !

The coupon codes for eharmony are the icing on the flaming hot fajita grill ! I have never joined an online dating site because I’m a bit socially awkward. My Dad (the ultra-conservative ex-Army drill sergeant) keeps telling me that “you just aint right, son“. I have no clue what that means but sign me up for another tour of duty, sailor !!

I give your site my patented two snaps up in “Z” formation !

p.s. Karen, what’s your IQ level? It must be upwards of 165 !

Karen said:

Haha Peenoi,

Now you know flattery will get you nowhere, hun !!

If you are having issues with your father, I think it is just a matter of you needing to sit down with him and explain to him your choices in life.

To be completely honest with you Peenoi, you sound like a very nice young man and I hope you find the woman of your dreams someday. But before you do that, you need to work out the issues that are inside your head. Based on prior comments that you have made on this site, it sounds like you have a few issues that you need to work out.

I have always told people not to get into a relationship until you can freely give 110% of yourself to your partner. It sounds like you need to start taking care of “Peenoi” and stop worrying about what other people think about you.


- K

joe said:

Hi Karen, I am considering signing up for e-harmony when I ran acros your site. I have been single for a long time. I want to be in a serious relationship again but am concerned after reading your 110% comment above. I am a single Dad. Devoting 110% to anything is difficult. Any suggestions?

Karen said:

Hey Joe,

As a single dad you have a responsibility to your child/children first off and foremost.

Anything beyond that and you are good to go.

I know plenty of single moms (and a few dads) that successfully date. It is my opinion that there are more than a few “single moms” on eHarmony and quite honestly you have picked the best site to try and find love on.

Why don’t you give it a shot and see what happens? You don’t have to go out on a date every single day, as people (especially women) in this day and age are busier than ever and completely understand the time constraints of their partners.

Good luck !

Maria said:

I’d like to hear from older people who have tried eHarmony. I am very youthful for my age both mentally and physically and am having trouble finding appropriate dates. Men my age seem to want younger women, leaving me with men who are too old for me. I listen to their ailments and wonder if they will keel over if we go kayaking or are on a trip somewhere. Help!

Karen said:

That’s interesting you say that Maria.

My Aunt and her husband met on eHarmony 3 years ago. She was 48 and he was 54.

It took her almost 6 months of dating different people to finally find “the one”. It’s not that the guys my aunt met were bad, she just was just going for broke. She had made up her mind to not get remarried again until she was absolutely sure that she had found her soul mate.

Off the record, I have spoken with several people “on the inside” and they have told me that the “over 40″ demographic is a huge part of their member database. The ex-CEO whom I used to work for met his fiance on eHarmony as well. How do I know this? I walked into his office one day to ask him a work-related question and saw he had her profile open on his computer screen. I guess you can chat with women (at work) at any time of the day if you are a CEO….

In fact, almost all of the 40-and-up singles that I know in real life have heard of eHarmony or are a current member.

My only advice to you Maria is to keep at it. Some guys do want younger women, granted….but those guys are only after looks and a wacked out mental image that “younger = better” of which both you and I know is completely wrong.

Besides….the ones that put value on youth and “beauty” are generally shallow people, at least the people throughout life that I have met.

If you get a chance, watch “The Millionaire Matchmaker” on Bravo (cable tv). Most of the guys on there are in their 40′s-50′s and all of them want the size 0, 18 year old blond chick.

Guess what happens when they finally get their wish? They come to realize they have NOTHING in common with those women and the women wind up losing interest fast.

Katherine said:

I am EXTREMELY hesistant to try the April 2010 codes since many of them do not list the amount charged to my Visa. Since funds are limited in my Visa account it behooves me to charge an unknown amount.

Would you please list the promotion codes and the amounts charged to one’s Visa account so that I may make a decision.

Katherine said:


Emailing eHarmony for clarification on amounts charged associated with specific promotion codes has not produced satisfactory results (yet… I am still hopeful where eHarmony is concerned).

Thanks for your assistance.

Karen said:

Hey Katherine,

Right before you click the “submit payment” button your total payment amount should be shown.

Also, I would be more concerned about using unauthorized eharmony codes found on other foreign websites that claim to be “eharmony review” sites. These codes are not authorized for use by the general public and you are taking a chance with your credit card by using an unauthorized code.

OnlineDatingMatches has a relationship with eharmony in which we are specifically allowed to post various discount codes given to us by eHarmony. As such, there is no funny business going on here.

Unlike other people, we here at play by the rules !


Marilyn said:

I joined eharmony to get a bit of an idea about it, but didn’t pay any subscription. It bothers me you can’t get to see people’s photos until you’ve paid to join properly, and as yet I’m too unsure about the site to want to pay the full (rather expensive) price. So these promotional codes interest me, and I tried putting in one to pay the subscription at a lower price (which I’m willing to do) but it said the number was invalid (even though I gather from what’s written here it’s meant to be valid for Australia and up to end of April, which we’re fast approaching, of course).
I don’t know if the problem is because I’ve already joined and gone through the profile stage, but it’s rather annoying! I’m still left not wanting to do the full sign up….

Kendra said:

Hey Karen!

I was wondering about free communication.

When is the next free communication weekend?


Karen said:

Hey Kendra,

I’m not supposed to say anything until it’s officially announced, but that never stopped me…

The next free comm. weekend is on Memorial Day. I think it starts on Thursday of the week before (don’t quote me, this is just speculation) and goes until Monday or Tuesday. Traditionally, this is the time that people sign up in droves to eHarmony.

Good luck !

r-KnEe said:

Where can I buy eHarmony gift cards??

Carol said:

Do you get to see photos on the free weekends or just the info? I filled out the forms and already have a communication request! Not sure if I even want to try on line dating

Karen said:

You get to see the photos as well. If you’re new to online dating, you can’t go wrong with eHarmony. I recommend people who are “newbies” to online dating to start off with eHarmony as it is a completely guided experience. You won’t get random strangers messaging you because they happened to browse upon your dating profile. The only people who will contact you are people in the eHarmony system whom (according to the patented matchmaking system) you are most compatible with.

If nothing else, you get a nifty personality profile after you fill out the registration questionnaire for free. It can be used as a good guide to see how other people potentially see you.

Good luck if you decide to join !

Karen said:

Oh and to “r-knee”, I contacted my connection over at eHarmony and was told that they aren’t offering gift cards anymore.

I’m a bit bummed because I know a few friends who could benefit from eHarmony….instead of listening to them complain every time we go out about how “it sucks to be single”.

Chris said:

Free Eharmony weekend going on now!

Karen said:

Yup, free eHarmony communication weekend going on now ! Register for free, fill out personality profile and contact your matches, no credit card required.

Marian Parish said:

I am so very excited to share my life with someone! And there’s with me!

Mike said:

Thanks for the eharmony promotional codes, there is a free communication weekend going on right now (July 2nd-5th)

Karen said:

HeI emailed eHarmony and they gave me a custom promo code for you guys:


Will give a discount on a 6 month subscription to eHarmony.

HotGuy_SoCali said:

Hey thanks for the codes !

Jeanine said:

Do eHarmony still have free weekends and do you have and new promo codes?

Taurus1913 said:

Thanks for the great codes! Just signed up for a 6 month subscription. Wish me luck!!!

AtlTeacher said:

looking for codes for December 2010

BagelBabe said:

Thanks so much!

sandra mitchell said:

I have tried both dating sites and Match is for people who want to date more causually . Not many are marriage minded on there and many of the men are looking for hook ups for sexual pleasure not a relationship, I like E Harmony I feel that the matches they give you are of high quality and the biggest factor is if you are marriage minded then you need a potential partner who is leaning the same way should the relationship blossom. In other words do not waste time on men who are not commitment minded if that is what you want. I am a 55 year old woman who was divorced seven years ago this year. Yes I have had relationships but I am surprised at this age men want to keep hanging out in limbo then make a commitment to a relationship. So my advice is do not waste time on Match if you are seriously intent on a committed relationship.

Sandy said:

Match is looking for a match in a sea of blue collor fish

Diamond said:

I agree with what Sandra said. I too have tried both dating sites and the men on Eharmony are more serious verses those on

johnson said:

thanks! awesome!

DesertMoon said:

I just stumbled on your site and wanted to ask you if you know of any codes for eHarmony for returning members and particularly on their UK site.

Thank you… BTW nice job on this blog!!!

Candy said:

Hi there do u know if e harmony will b having another free communication weekend soon? Cheers

john said:

Any promotional codes for February?

Andrea said:

Its almost Valentine’s Day 2011…is there a free communication weekend coming soon on eharmony?



Cheeko said:

My subscription is expiring on Saturday. I want to keep it for another three months but the price is just too high. Is there a code I can use? Or should I just cancel and start a new profile.

Dee said:

Hi ~ interested in signing up for eharmony at the end of this month. Looking for the best possible promo codes to save on 3 – 6 month memberships….Thanks :0)

adamrouns said:

I’m interested in signing up for eharmony in the next few days. Looking for the best possible promo codes to save on a 3 month membership? Any help would be awesome

Brooke said:

Looking to use the site but NONE of the promo codes are working… Any ideas?
I’m a nursing student with little money to pay full price. Thank you!!!

Cass said:

Hey there

If you are already signed up with eharmony, is there any way to use the promotional codes??? Could you email me and let me know?

Trish said:

Seeing I just missed the Feb. deadline… are there any promotional codes for march?

Lauren P said:

Hi, Writing to ask about March 2011 Promo codes. Are there any? Patiently waiting. Lauren

Richard said:

I wanted to join eharmony and was wondering, are there any specials currently running, i.e. as of March 4?

Thanks a lot!!!

ehb said:

Hi Karen,

Do you have any promo codes to Compatible Partners? I just got out of a relationship with an American serviceman who was stationed in the Philippines. All I can say is “A-Hoooooooooooooooooga!“. The muscles on this guy were a-maz-ing!!!

I love me some military men!! Well I had better be going….I have a date tonight with a biker I met on the Hollywood Strip and this little princess needs to float her way on down to the hairstylist!!!



Julz said:

Hi, I want to join eharmony. Do you have a promotional code for $9.95/month?

James said:

I am also asking the same thing Cass asked:

” Cass said:
February 24th, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Hey there

If you are already signed up with eharmony, is there any way to use the promotional codes??? Could you email me and let me know?”

I am clear to the “Click on the “Continue” button to complete your purchase.” with the red button. Is there actually a place to enter the promotional code?

hannah said:

None of these codes work.

Lisa said:

I had a membership for 3 months and realized I just wasn’t ready. Since I’m already a member, how can I use the promotional codes? Or do I have to start over? Could you please email me? Thanks!

Single Dad said:

Hi…Match is looking for a match in a sea of blue collor fish…God bless!

Anthony said:

I put in the promo code and then it asks for my visa info. Is there any way to check if the code worked prior to the second stage of payment?? I’d like to verify that the codes work. Also, if our subscription runs out I’ve heard that your subscription is automatically renewed … Do they still use the promo code price or the full price when doing this? Thanks!

BLittle said:


I’m wondering if you will be posting any codes for the month of July? I’m sad that I missed yesterday’s deadline. Any codes you have would be greatly appreciated. I already have a profile established through free weekends…

Happy 4th of July

Lori said:

Looking for discount codes for e harmoney. Have looked at other dating websites, but e harmony seems more thourough with their matches

Karen said:

eHarmony is more thorough with their matches. This is why we recommend them over the online dating sites. If you’re just looking to casually date, then or PlentyofFish is probably more up your alley.

tj said:

I am looking for codes for renewal. Most of these are for new subscribers

Warren smith said:

I am fun

Connie said:

I’m also wondering about discounts for returning members like tj and Lisa. I was also not ready the first time. Any promotions? I’d really like to see the pictures before responding. Thank you.

Jeblin willson said:

I need a coupon code or a gift code, does it work, I need a trier then I can purchase from you guys thank you

Lori said:

I disagree is only for “casual” daters….I know tons of people who met their life partners on match. It’s not the website- it’s how you use it. There are unsuitable matches anywhere- it’s a matter of your own discernment. I think it’s wise to use more than one website- if you’re serious. E-harmony is good only if they have enough matches for you.
And all of these are based on demographics- so what is a productive dating site for one person in one geographic area maybe a poor choice for someone in another area. My 2 cents.

Dan said:

I got a membership in 2006 no luck with the site… I logged on again to see if things have changed but the prices are higher than I want to blow on the site, do you have any discount codes for returning members?

Theresa said:

tried the Feb 2012 promo codes and they worked, thanks!