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On October 12, 2015
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Compatible Partners is a high-end gay and lesbian online dating site. It is for those who are seeking quality, committed relationships. They have been around for a few years and are constantly improving their matchmaking software.


Dating site: Compatible Partners
Inception: 2009
Registered Members: 1 million
Daily marriages: Unknown
Types of members: Gay and Lesbian people looking for meaningful relationships
Allows promo codes: yes


Initial cost: Free to the first 10,000 members (over)

Between: $19.95 and $59.95

For returning members (who have let their subscription lapse)
Compatible Partners sometimes offers special discounts and promotions.
Certain subscriptions may offer a discounted renewal rate. The compatible
Partners Review is based upon my eharmony review since both websites use the same basic underlying frame work as well as utilize the same patented eHarmony personality profile.

Best Features:

Without a doubt, the best feature Compatible Partners has going for it is the patented matchmaking system that powers the eHarmony online dating service. Nothing has been changed whatsoever. Pretty much…if you are gay or lesbian, you are getting the same high level of matchmaking that the eHarmony users are….but at a fraction of a price.

The price for Compatible partners is extremely competitive (some cases cheaper) that most other gay and lesbian dating sites out there.

Much like eHarmony, Compatible Partners is not a “let’s hookup” type of website. Save your money and go somewhere else if that is what you are looking for. The people who sign up for Compatible Partners are looking for long term, lasting relationships.

Worst Feature:

Back in 2007, a lawsuit was filed against eHarmony claiming that they discriminated against Gays and Lesbians because they did not have a feature to match men with men and women with women. The lawsuit was settled and eHarmony responded by creating Compatible Partners. I did some research (as well as spoke to several people “on the inside” over at eHarmony) about this and found that the corporate culture of eHarmony is not about discrimination at all. eHarmony is not an “anti-gay” establishment. eHarmony only performs research on straight heterosexual couples and incorporates those findings into their matchmaking system. The Compatible Partners system is based off the eHarmony matchmaking system which in turn was based on scientific research on HUMAN compatibility.

Here’s my question: How many of the people that were interviewed for the original human compatibility studies (that form the foundation of the eHarmony/Compatible Partners matchmaking system) were actually bisexual or gay/lesbians still in the closet (and didn’t tell the people interviewing them)?

Human beings are human beings are human beings.


Compatible Partners was started in July 2009 to cater to gays and lesbians who are looking for long term, lasting relationships. There was much controversy surrounding eHarmony’s decision to start Compatible Partners, but new member registrations are growing exponentially every single month. The word is quickly getting out that gays and lesbians finally have an online dating site that caters to those who are searching for long term, lasting relationships.

Compatible Partners Review:

Compatible Partners uses the exact same format as eHarmony. Most online dating sites require you to create a profile (of which can be a royal pain). Most people are hard pressed to come up with 1000 words “about themselves”. Then you have to browse through page after page after page of singles. When you do find someone, how do you know that you are compatible with them? Compatible Partners saw this and came up with a much better way of matching people.

Compatible Partners takes all of the guesswork out of this by incorporating their patented matchmaking system into the matchmaking process.

When first signing up for Compatible Partners, you are asked to fill out their personality profile questionnaire. This questionnaire takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete and at the end, it analyzes your personality and gives you back a very in depth and detailed report about yourself. Compatible Partners then takes your results and matches you with other available singles in their system whom you are most compatible with.

This level of involvement required by Compatible Partners serves two purposes:

1. It weeds out the people whom are not serious about dating. Guys and girls that are looking for one night stands are very unlikely to sign up.

2. It gives Compatible Partners a clear picture of your personality so that they can match you with other Compatible Partners members whom you are most compatible with.

After the initial personality profile is out of the way, navigating through the site is a breeze. You can view your matches, view your personality report and change or modify your account settings. You are not allowed to freely communicate with your matches right away. Instead, you go through a process called “guided communication” in which you ask each other questions back and forth and answer them. You can select from a “canned” list of questions or ask your own. This serves a dual purpose:

1. Most people don’t know what exactly to say to break the ice. This takes all the guesswork out of what to say, and when you finally reach “open communication” stage, you will have a ton of stuff to talk about.

2. It allows for the important questions to be asked early on, which will tell you right away if you wish to continue communication with the other person.

There are five steps to the Compatible Partners guided communication process:

1. Read Your Match’s “About Me” Information
In this step, you look at your matches “about me” information.
They might tell you what hobbies they like, or any other information
that you can use to spark up a conversation.

2. Send 1st Questions
You start off by sending 5 questions to your match. They in turn
answer those questions. You can select from suggested questions
given by Compatible Partners or make up your own.

3. Exchange 10 “Must Haves” and 10 “Can’t Stands”

You check off 10 boxes of “must haves” in another person and
“can’t stands” in another person. Simple as that. Don’t like smokers?
Check the “Can’t Stand” smoking box.

4. Send 2nd Questions
Going back to step #1, you are allowed to send
(and receive) 5 more questions.

5. Open Communication

This is the final stage of the matchmaking process and you are allowed to communicate freely with your match. If you have made it this far, chances are this might be a match made in heaven ! My advice to you is to take things slowly and don’t rush !! Get to know your match and take everything you have learned about them in the guided communication process and use it to spark a really good conversation.

Final thoughts:

Compatible Partners is built on the same successful framework that powers eHarmony. No matter what your opinion, the fact remains that the eHarmony matchmaking system works. It was ultimately designed for human compatibility. Saying that “it isn’t for gays and lesbians” is kinda like saying “Oh hey, those new tires you bought for your car weren’t SPECIFICALLY made for your Honda Accord”….even though the bolts all line up. So why would there be any surprise when you install the tires and they work as advertised?

If you’re interested in joining Compatible Partners, be sure to check their home page for any current discounts they may be running.

Compatible Partners is a high-end gay and lesbian online dating site. It is for those who are seeking quality, committed relationships. They have been around for a few years and are constantly improving their matchmaking software.