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JNS said:

The algorithm they use to match men is pathetic. An “urban snob” whose passions include the arts, good food and wine, sculling, etc., I have been matched with good ole boys from small towns who claims “trucks” as their main passion or “bingo and sports” as their main leisure activities. Don’t waste your money; I can’t imagine they’re happy either getting matched with an esthete easterner like me.

PinoyCA said:


You OBVIOUSLY have your settings mixed up. Before I moved back to the Philippines, I met the-most-wonderful man on Compatible Partners when I was a member.

Did you answer every single question in your personality profile TRUTHFULLY? The algo on there takes into account personality traits, not basic activities that you enjoy doing…..perhaps Bingo, Gator Wrasslin’ and Monster Truck Driving are secretly up your alley?

I just recently came out of the closet about a year ago and decided to sign up for Compatible Partners because I was tired of looking for Mr. Right at the local truck stops and biker bars.
This little princess found his Mr. Right and now we couldn’t be happier !!


DissatisfiedCustomer said:

I have not been pleased with CP matching for women. They seem to match on one or two superficial features such as religion and age. There is no way to differentiate between butch women and feminine women. Although you can state that say fitness is important you you, you will be matched with obese people. The site should merge with TangoWire where at least there are attractive women. CP also does not have a “contact us” link which indicates they really are not interested in constructive feedback, just dodging the lawsuit (in my opinion)

Realistically Speaking said:

I agree. Butch women? Femme women? Masculine men? Feminine men? It all seems to be ignored. This may not be a hook-up site, but I dont think you can ignore the idea of sexual compatibility when deturmining relationship compatibility when it comes to gays especially.

Ross said:

I am really disappointed in this service. I live in San Diego, and the system only returned 6 matches, half of which did not match with me at all. I have had good success with other sites, so thought I would try this since I had not found “the one yet.”

The problem is that not enough people are using this site, as it is expensive, and designed so you cannot really see what you are getting before you pay. Also, I find the “one answer” questions really frustrating and misleading. They ask questions that require more of an answer than yes/no, and put 50 character limits on questions that need to be elaborated on. For an “indepth” service, you would think they would expand this a little. Frankly, I get more insight from other dating online services.

Virginia said:

I just started my account with Compatible Partners and so far I’m pleased. I have 32 matches! Not bad and not the dearth of matches someone else complained about. I really don’t understand the complaints about “femme” and “butch”. That seems like a VERY immature assessment of the service. Whatever your type, look at the photo! Duh! If you don’t feel that certain chemistry, then move on. Easy! If you want to pick people based upon their gender presentation -and that’s the most important thing to you- you are on the wrong dating site. It probably is just that simple. For me, I am not attracted to butch women but, believe you me, if she were a really good match for me I would certainly consider dating her. I want a quality connection, first and foremost.

Matt said:

The website actually gave me its version of the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech, and said I had no matches whatsoever.

I googled “no matches” for eharmony and this site, and I found several instances of people saying the same thing. They gave a 0 score to everything religion related, and ended up with no matches. Is this really just a christian dating site… a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to speak?

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