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Jeffry Dahmer said:

I thought I had my lonliness problem beat: I would just approach beautiful women and start up conversations with them and then ask them out on a date; in the “pickup artist” world that is called “cold approaching”, and after doing that for a few short months, last weekend I went into a bad spell of depression on saturday. When you hear “i have a boyfriend” and “Im single but not interested” for the 40th time it starts to bring you down. You cant tell if they are just saying that to get rid of you or what. And the uber nasty women you sometimes meet can crush your enthusiasm as well. I have no conversation skills, no libido (im impotent as well, due to 23 yrs of antidepresant use), I have no social value, no pre-selection to speak of, im very bitter that EVERYONE has someone to sleep with but me. Its bullshit out there and im 41 yrs old with shit to speak of. I went to a nice bar (The Fox and Hound in Parma) and ive pretty much asked every barmaid and waitress there out and no luck at all; I can imagine what they say about me- “He’s very desparate” or something like that. Most of them wouldnt even say “HI” to me if I didnt say hi first. My co-worker got married over the weekend and I had one of the shittiest ones on record; he’s a typical “bad boy” type: tatoos, slept around, blah blah blah. The trouble with me is my mind has been so blunted by antidepressant use I dont even know how to have fun or anything. What girl want to be with a ssri zombie with no personality? What a fuckin shit life. I was handed the biggest steaming hot pile of shit life when I was born. And I disagree when the article claims that lonliness is not a permanent state; even with monumental self improvement and efforts I cannot overcome my state of aloneness. I wish I was like others who can have fun, naturally without fear. May God grant me an early exit from this life.

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