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darla said:

i had been seeing this guy thats 29 and im 48 we ws together for christmas newyears valtines dy well we stop seeing each other untill last week end he come by and seen me he hasnt been with no one but me and i havent been with no one either when got bac we made love and he ws sweet wht i like to know will this be my last to see him or dose he still feel somthng for me or is just a sex thing witch is good but i like to know how to deal with this ty darla from TN

Karen said:

First off, congrats on being 48 and landing yourself a 29 year old !!

Secondly, I have no clue. You know him better than anyone else. If you like him, tell him so. I can’t speculate one way or the other because everyone is different. I don’t know you and I don’t know him. Ask one of his friends or acquaintances.

If he only comes around for sex every so often…..that might suggest he’s only out for one thing.

Honestly, you should do like we do out here in California: Go with the flow, but don’t get caught slipping. If you like him and don’t tell him, you risk hurting yourself.

Hunt said:

Hello there, I’m a guy and i have to say that i agree with all points, they’re fair, except number 5, not calling a guy because your friends “brainwashed” you into doing so is stupid and to be completely honest, i dont think i’d like to keep going out with a woman who gets influenced by her friends that much……it’s her own damn bussiness.

Actually, this goes for everybody who gets influenced by their friends and takes their opinion about a potential partner to heart.

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