5 More Reasons Why Women Won’t Call You After The First Date

5 More Reasons Why I Won’t Call You Back After Our First Date

A few months ago I wrote my infamous post about why
girls don’t call guys back after the first date. That article
generated so much buzz that I felt it might be good to do
a follow up article. Over the past few months I have been
watching the dating lives of my single girlfriends very carefully.

These women can be described as nothing more than “Serial Daters”.
It seems as if they have a new guy every week. Aside from
being flakes and fakes, these women all have one thing in
common. They are undeniably “cute” by any guy’s standards.

Granted they are not a perfect 10, but just the same they
turn heads more often than not while walking down the street.
They are the type of “cute” girl that any average guy honestly
and truly thinks he has a chance with, and more often than not, does.

1. Your Hunting/Gathering skills suck.
If this were the “caveman” days, what kind of caveman
would you be? Would you be the type of caveman that
always has Brontosaurus meat on his table every night?
Would you be rocking the latest Gucci Tyrannosaurus Rex
shirts and skins? Is the size of your club smaller than
most other cavemen?

Not much has changed since those days. Women still look
for a guy that can provide on some level or another.
The primordial instinct is hardwired into women’s brains
to find the best caveman that can drag her by her hair
back to his cave, show her the bounty of food he has
collected and impress her with the size of his club.

2. Porno Pete
Guys, if you are out on a successful date and it somehow
winds up back at your place, take the time to hide your
computer pornography collection prior to inviting her back.
As ridiculous as it might sound, it is a somewhat common
occurrence (from the anecdotal stories I have been told)
for a guy to invite a girl over to his place, then for whatever
reason open up his laptop/desktop to go online to look up
something…..and the first thing that greets her eyes is:


Believe it or not, that isn’t the worst “file name” that has
been accidentally seen on a guy’s computer by his date.

3. The Stand Up Comedian

And for next joke, I will put cat down pants of Senior Citizen !

Newsflash Gallagher: She is laughing AT you, not WITH you.
Don’t try to be a funny guy if you aren’t. There is a big
difference between an attempt at a joke (that falls flat on its face)
and repeated lame attempts at jokes throughout the date.
Not saying that you shouldn’t attempt to interject some
lowered form of humor during the course of normal conversation
(all women love to laugh) but when it gets to the point where
she starts to notice herself having to politely laugh repeatedly
throughout the date, it gets old fast.

4. The Old Guy
Let’s face it. What 30-something guy doesn’t want an 18
year old hot piece of ass vs. an aging jaded girl his own age?
Generally speaking women only like to date guys within a 2-5
year age range. There are many exceptions to this rule, but
I am going off personal experience and anecdotal evidence.

Trust me on this one, as a I am a 33 year old female and
have been in this same situation myself many times over.

So let’s say that you and that 22 year old girl (10 years your junior)
had a great date. So she thought you were “really cute”
and the funniest guy with the nicest car she had ever met.
So you two got along real well. Guess what? Unless you
can relegate yourself to the “friends” genre, she isn’t going
to give you a second date. 8 more years on you and you are
old enough to be her dad. Even if you somehow managed
to sweep her off her feet, you still have only won half of the

Just wait until she gets on the phone with her over-protective
girlfriends the next day and they start in on her about how
“He’s just some creepy old guy trying to get down your pants”.
Which leads us right into #5:

5. Her friends

For most women, their friends are like their mother/preacher
/counselor all rolled up into one. Women tend to look out
for their friends much more than guys do. It’s almost like
a circle of closely related sisters. So you think that the
last date you went out on was nearly perfect. Maybe you
made a faux paux or two or said one or two “interesting”
things that stuck in her mind. No worries, right?

Sure. Until she gets on the phone with her (single)
girlfriends the next day (who are probably a bit jealous
that she was lucky enough to go out on a date) . Let
the catty-ness begin !! These friends are going to
be analyzing every single word out of her mouth and
interjecting their opinions based nothing more on hearsay.
The girl who went out on a date will most likely takes
their advice at face value (no matter what) on an
almost religiously feverish level.

After all, they are friends and friends look out for each other.

One thing that I have noticed that sometimes works is to
get her to talk about her friends while out on a date.
Get a story or two to be told to you, then no matter what,
compliment that friend on whatever it is that she said/did.
This way when the phone call is made the next day, more
likely than not, that same compliment will be transmitted
to that friend, effectively neutralizing her willingness to
say anything negative. Damage control. Use it wisely.

Probably THE most common reason why women don’t call guys back after the first date:

She felt more of a connection with the guy she went out on a date with last week than she did you.

So why didn’t she call you back? Is it because
the dating pool is bigger for her than an “average girl”,
and therefore has more options to choose from?
Is it because her standards are higher because she
has been out with almost every type of guy imaginable,
from the artsy-fartsy artist types to the up and
coming “C” level executive?

It’s hard to say.

Do you really know yourself and the person you are
coming off as? Most people really don’t know who they
come off as while out in public or meeting new people.
Sure your friends of 10 years know you well, but just
how well do you make a good first impression?

There are many free tools online that you can use to
get a good guage on your personality and how you come
across to others. One freebie that I recommend is the

What’s great about this tool is that no credit card
is required and you are no obligated to sign up.

After you are done filling it out, they will present to
you a detailed 5-6 page analysis of how other people
view you. A great tool for getting an honest look at
how you might come across to others.