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Brenda Furdyn said:

I am divorced and a yr. ago thought I had met the man of my dreams. Well before that time, I had given up on men altogether. The one thing I can’t handle are liers and cheaters. I am a good person, with a big heart, wanting the same, honesty, loyalty, where trust is not an issue, and falling in love is beautiful and can lead to a lasting commitment; when that someone made promises, I gave him my whole, my heart, my friendship and my love and;. we even made plans, then all of a sudden, I get the shaft. He’s all of a sudden confused and doesn’t know what he wants. I’m sorry but why did he even say what he did- don’t say it, if you can’t stand behind those feelings, promises – and step up and be a man about what you want in life, don’t run. then, when you try to communicate and you are put on voicemail, that is another cute trick. He runs, can’t talk either. And he’s the one who wanted to always be able to talk anything out, solve anything together. I became a girlfriend of convenience. what a crock I say, is there anyone out there that is not a gameplayer like this jerk? someone who will say what they mean and mean what they say, not stand up their so called girl friend, not lie and cheat, not use or abuse me or our so-called “relationship”. not hide behind their cellphone, or make a fool out of me any there anyone real, who I can plan a future with who I can trust with my heart again because believe it or not, I truly believe there must be someone who feels the same as I who is sick of the bar scene, who is my age and have had it with all the “confused” men who want their cake and eat it too out there; I want a best friend, loving caring individual who is real and loyal and honest who accepts me for me and vice versa who I can have fun with and enjoy life with and who is also interested in commitment, not scared to death of it. Cause, as you have seen with some matches, it can be a beautiful thing. and yes it does exist, I’m just meeting the wrong guys – I’ve been going to clubs and this is why I’ve decided to try online dating. So hopefully, my mr. right is out there.

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