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Mike said:

I agree with a good portion of these items.

Sometimes women just can’t take a hint.

Ebby said:

If guys wasn’t being a jerk in the first place we don’t need to take any hints then.

a said:

Thank you for the 10 hints. I’m one of those lug headed women, too wrapped up in the fantasy of the former relationship to see that he’s ‘just not into me’! I needed this!

HadIt said:

So….bottom line is that men are idiots. You’re too much of a puss to directly communicate, and women need to read your condescending articles to figure out what you’re talking about. Just communicate clearly. Why the hell can’t you? What in the world could you be afraid of?

From this “article” you seem like the type who thinks women are second-class f*cksacks anyway, only here to fulfill you’re disgusting and constant need for sex. What’s it matter if you make a few cry? Isn’t that just a normal night out for men?

(cue the obnoxious, self-serving, self-righteous, whining MRA comments)

Kissmymango said:

So, the moral of the story is, men are abject cowards. Lol. no wonder fewer and fewer women want to get married anymore.

Michelle said:

What happened to tip number 6? Not into sixes?!

Rachel Lynn H. said:

I agree with HadIt and Ebby. Women like myself would prefer to be told “Look, I’m just not that into you” and be told why instead of being mislead like an chicken on a farm. Because otherwise we keep wondering if it was something we did wrong or if we weren’t your type and what the reason was, etc. That way we can find the guys that are RIGHT for us and quit bugging you “I’m not that into you because……” guys.

Mary said:

Hi Jackass! Save your “witty strategies” for your momma! “It smells like coward spirit”
This writer is another man who gives men a bad name…All assholes should be born branded on the forehead. That would be a perfect world.

albsure said:

I totally appreciate the author taking time to express how things are in the real world. All too often “Men” say they care, lead you on just enough to keep you around, but are too coward to speak the truth. This is such a selfish act because we as women can move on….to the next like Swiss and Jay-z. Honesty is so important yet hard find.

carrie said:

This is so typical of men, they think that they are the one’s who lose interest. You know, it goes both ways. I once dated this guy and he was great, yes I feel he did lose interest, but so did I. What made me lose interest was that on 2 ocassions when we were having sex he went limp, seriously there is nothing wrong with the way I look, I have a better body than he does, so what the hell is his problem. Sorry guys but if you can’t get it up a girl will lose interest, so pop some male enhancement if you must, because a girl will lose ineterest if you can’t “get it up”.

Karen said:

That’s cold blooded.

Sarah said:

Wow. Harsh article. I feel bad for any woman who ever dated this guy. I’ve had guys who weren’t interested in me be very sweet about it and direct. This guy is obviously messed up in the head and a closet-womanizer.

krista said:

Youre a douche. Women want to be told the truth not play some immature guessing game. This author needs to get his head out of the sand.

dominique said:

With an attitude like that, its any wonder that the author was able to get a woman to talk to him let alone date him. Must be on some kind of ego trip or secreatly insecure about himself.

Rosy said:

It’s all true, sad but true, thank you so much I needed a straightforward MAN’s opinion, women choose not to see the signs, but sometimes they are just so clear

Samantha said:

I have to agree with this guy, however, a man should be MAN enough to be open, honest, and direct about it. Not play stupid games!

Catie said:

I agree with all you women here. Thank you so much for all your comments. I’m glad that I am not the only one here who thinks that men should just say the truth right from the beginning instead of leaving us confused and wondering. I would rather hear the truth about them not being interested in me and get a little hurt, than waiting stupidly to see what happens.

On the other hand, I appreciate the author for reassuring me why women are more intelligent than men. When we are not interested we just say it and that’s that. We don’t have to go around making up stories.

Hello Guys! If are really not interested in someone, you might as well say the truth so that you can get them off your back and stop waisting their time!

jenna said:

i think im inlove with you.

angie said:

It,s sad but true, he’s only stating what men like him is about.I met this guy and he told me all the rite words so that I would fall in love with him and as soon as I did I found out all kinds of discusting things about him;player,user,cheater and liar what a great guy!!! Now I’m trying to get my life back and he’s happier then ever. It would be sooo nice for once men would grow up and do the rite things by a woman. Stop playing games would be a start!!! .

Caitlin said:

So… HadIt…. Who broke up with you?
Look, girls aren’t always straightforward, either. In fact, I’ve heard we confuse the beejebus out of men. He didn’t (admit to) stand a girl up, he just wrote the more or less subconscious actions men take to delicately show a woman that he doesn’t have any interest. We all know that if someone came up to you and said “Dude, seriously, I’m not interested in you. Back off.. It’s embarrassing” you would be humiliated and hurt and would complain about it. I know I would. The writer of this article didn’t blow you off, hun, so you don’t need to take it out on him. All he did is write a humorous article explaining the going-on’s of mens minds. (A very dangerous place.)

Fed UP said:

Like other women have said in the former comments, it would be so much freaking better if some guys would get some balls up and start acting like a man. I mean seriously why dont men just say you know what im not really interested in you. I would rather hear that than be used and abused. like wtf! Dude if your not interested in me, just tell me so i can move on. It will save your time and my time. Men like you are why Im single (rolls eyes) bastards. Men like you are the ones who are making it harder for some women to meet the “real” men. So get the f&%$#@ out of the way. your just wasting our time.

Jo said:

I started liking this guy from work, and wondered why he didnt ask me out or anything. but after reading this article, I understand that he isn’t really into me but would probably just want to be friends. he did ask me to go for drinks with him and his work buddy, but it wasn’y enough to convince me that he wanted more. thanks :)

carol said:

In other words if you took time to look into this then u had that gut feeling its not going anywhere….. And you know how they say your first instincts are always right!!! Especially the gut one…..but we are just in denial about the whole situation. Can not stand being dumped from a guy who isn’t into you and doesn’t focus only on you but other females as well and knowing that your worth much more then that.. It kind of hurts…. If he can’t love you for you then to hell with him….. One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure!!!try looking at the bright side, its his loss not yours… As long as you love yourself no guy would make u feel as if ur nothing…. You know u mean something!

Sad?True?Both?! said:

Are the top 10 signs indicators he’s not into you? Damn right they are. Should a man do the right thing and actually friggin say what they mean rather than drop 10 rude hints and let you “figure” it out? Damn right as well. There are some very nice, direct people (men and women both) who willtell you in plain English to stop trying to hope that the relationship will develop or be fixed. That way, you can start the healing process and begin to move on. Unfortunately, yeah, this guy is being very direct about the 10 hint, but he does sound like he’s one of the cowards. He’d rather someone who is not as “savvy” as he is prolong the whole issue and get hurt in the process rather than just telling them he’s not into them.

TJ said:

OMG…my favorite is when you call them out on this behavior….”hey, you only text me when you’re jerking off…then you take off for two days with your friends…can’t send so much as a hey-how’s-it-going…it seems like you’re not that into me…which is cool…let’s agree on it and move forward…” They get DEFENSIVE…mean…snarky…rude…they can’t just say “hey, thanks…I wasn’t sure how to handle it…you’re very cool and I wish you well….” ?? It’s like the entire universe wants to play games and waste time. So infantile. If a girl asks you point blank, she doesn’t need FAKE reassurance…she needs you to grow a pair and man up and say exactly what you think/feel. SO much easier to get past than the ridiculous leading-me-on games!

James said:

The number of negative comments goes validity to the article.

Fact is, sometimes you like flirting with ad sleepin with women who you aren’t really interested in. Sex is a stein motivator. It’s best to be upfront with someone…but the girls rarely will sleep with you.

Sometimes guys can be selfish, manipulative jerks…but usually it only works on the totally clueless. Manipulative women have different tricks with the same result.

Also sometimes girls do cause you to lose interest in them. Key to happiness is work in yourself and make sure that you are doing what you live, to the best of your ability. That will attract the rift person.

Only desperate people fool themselves into falling for these tricks.

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