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lizzie said:

This web really helped me to break up with my boyfriend. Now we are just happy friends.

Karen said:

From your perspective, perhaps.

I feel kinda bad for telling women how to break up with their boyfriends… here’s a bit of Cosmic Karma Re-alignment:

Broken Heart Rehab

That’s where you goto once your heart has been broken. A good friend of mine runs that website and she is very good at helping people get over broken hearts.

shenna said:


Karen said:

If you’re being serious and not making a joke, then you need to immediately contact your local police department.

There should be some woman’s help centers (for free) in your area, assuming you live in the US?

If you can’t get help for whatever reason, move and move quickly. Move to a relatives house or move somewhere fast. Lock your doors/windows and pay extra attention to your personal safety.

Tell your neighbors about him.

Stephanie Maria said:

how can you jerks put down Jesus Freak???? I am one and i cant beleive u have THA NERVE ta put tht!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Karen said:

It’s all in good fun. :)



hayden101 said:

im kinda in a abusive relationship and controlling… i love him but im not in love with him but no matter how many times i leave him and break up with him he is always there calling me find me cry begging for me to come back i have try dating someone else but he just ruined that now the only choice i have is to move states like serious! how do i tell him its over for good??

Karen said:

Hayden101: Your situation sounds like it could very well turn into something violent or menacing. Your “boyfriend” could potentially hurt you as things progress.

Your only solution is to remove him completely from your life, stop answering his phone calls, stop opening the door when he comes to visit. Make it clear you never want to see nor hear from him ever again.

If he continues pursuing you, call the police then set up a restraining order.

As it stands right now, you are in a downward spiral with this “relationship” and unless you make change for the good, it’s only going to get worse.

p.s. We have dating advice forums set up in case you wanted to join. Just click the link in the top right hand corner that says “forums”.

kaity said:

actually i happen to b a jehovahs witness n that is not all we do…wht is w this article? lame

HotGuy_SoCali said:

My best friend from high school is an active JW and he found it hilarious. Did not mean to offend.

Someone....??? said:

Ok I tried breaking up with my boyfriend but he got a little angry so I said ok I am sorry and I took him back he’s not a good person I don’t want to date him but I feel bad breaking up with him right now cuz he’s birthday is tuesday he’s 3 years older then me and he’s turning 16 this Tuesday idk what o do please help he’s not a good person and I don’t want to date him I am afriad to give him the news cuase yesterday I did and he got angry I did it over text to be safe but now idk how to tell him cuase I don’t want to hurt him cause we just it back together help please???

monicamarie said:

Jesus freak is my favorite one!! and for those who get upset by it.. relax.. and if u can’t u won’t need these tips.. u will soon be dumped anyhow.. lol.

lena said:

wowww ty,s gonna lovre this one when he finds out his girlfirend found ways to break up with him online hahahahahaha !


My boyfriend is gonna be so upset now.
i dont think these will work for me and him.
today is valentines day and i really never wanted to date him.
how do i do it?
i mean today. after he gave me a gif.

Shirleen said:

oh these are reeally really good!!..luv them! lol my best friend told me to go out wit some dude dat all the gurls want…he just ask me out recently and im not really into him but im planing a way to break his heart.but its sad he’s REALLY into me.

pavswede said:

barbershop quartet and dine and ditch are awesome. Jesus Freak thing would probably actually work. Another great one for long-distance couples:

You’re in different cities, probably far apart. Plan a trip somewhere together! Buy her a ticket with a refund option to wherever, but cancel it 2 hours before the flight! She shows up to the airport to find out she can’t check in. Oops, bought all those new bathing suits for nothing.

The alternative if you live in the same city is to slip something illegal into her bag, life a big knife or a little marijuana. Make sure you go through the security first and when she gets hung up, leave her in the dust! She’ll have fun explaining why she has a pile of loose wires and a small pipe with rocks and grey dust inside!

senorita portina said:

ha lmfao this article is hillarious and yet very helpful
… i have nice options as well as the option to be a total bitch

Thank you

I’m going with gay…
<3333 lmfao I'm gonna be laughing for a while cuz of this

courtney faith said:

im goin to do this!!! i think most of them are hilarious!!! :) it really helps

rapidashley said:

This is pretty funny, but i can’t believe anyone would do these things. but maybe thats because i still love my boyfriend :P

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